Heather La-Belle

Heather La-Belle Pro

Chelmsford, United Kingdom


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I worked with Heather this week on a challenging shoot in a corn field! She was great, not bothered by anything and up for having a go. great comms and reliable. would recommend to anyone!

Recommended for Model Jul 19, 2018

Heather is a great model. She was professional at all times and followed directions very well. I really enjoyed working with her and hope we'll get the chance to work together again.

Recommended for Model Jul 28, 2017

Heather is an amazing actress. Professional, friendly, can follow directions very well. I hope we'll have a chance to work together again soon.

Recommended for Actor Mar 30, 2017

Heather is a great actress and a very talented ice skater. She is very reliable and great to work with on set. Hope I work with her again soon!

Recommended for Actor Jan 15, 2017

Great actress, very down to earth and lovely to work with.

Recommended for Actor Nov 29, 2016

Heather was great to work with on set, a friendly, lovely person!

Recommended for Model Nov 10, 2016

Heather is a stunning model and a committed actress, she's very friendly and well spoken and a pleasure to work with, hope to work with her again. Good luck! X

Recommended for Actor Nov 9, 2016

Heather is an amazing person!! Very friendly, with a professional attitude, brought light to the set. Had a really big pleasure to work together. Guaranteed beautiful results and a fantastic experience!

Recommended for Actor Nov 7, 2016

Professional, talented and very friendly! Was a pleasure to be on set with Heather!

Recommended for Actor Nov 7, 2016

I enjoy working with Heather, as she is always a total pro .. and really enjoys her work.

Recommended for Actor Nov 2, 2016

Very professional and fun to work with

Recommended for Actor Oct 23, 2016

Thanks so much Yes we can

Recommended for Actor Oct 13, 2016

Professional attitude and lovely on the eye in a glamourous scene

Recommended for Actor Oct 13, 2016

Great enthusiastic actor, I had a good time with her on set, nice facial expression towards camera , she meant work ethics, I would definitely recommend.

Recommended for Actor Oct 13, 2016

Heather is a beautiful woman, it's been a pleasure working with her. She is professional, versatile and has a great character, a genuinely lovely person.

Recommended for Actor Oct 12, 2016

Very much hope to work with Heather again . She is a very classy lady who demonstrates the utmost professionalism. Great to be with on set .

Recommended for Actor Oct 11, 2016

Great actress' highly recommend.

Recommended for Actor Oct 11, 2016

Heather is a lovely, kind hearted young actress, who is very professional at all times. An absolute pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Actor Sep 28, 2016

Working with Heather was a joy. She is a talented and generous spirited woman. A confident team player.

Recommended for Actor Sep 27, 2016

Was a pleasure to work with Heather. Easily directed and joined in with everyone making the experience on set so much more enjoyable.

Recommended for Actor Sep 22, 2016