Michael Wagner

Michael Wagner

London, United Kingdom


A = Advertiser

Michael was very professional on set and took his role seriously. Not only choosing to understand his actions but also taking a keen interest into finding out the motivations behind them. Punctual and polite.

Recommended for Actor Nov 8, 2019

Michael was great to work with. He was very professional, came on time. I'm happy to work with him again.

Recommended for Model Oct 20, 2019

I worked along side Michael Wagner on Family Man, an Obi Films Production he is a very polite professional competent actor. Although we had some trying scenes due to cold and snow Micheal was courteous and respectful at all times. I’d work with him again without hesitation. Kevin D. Stones.

Recommended for Actor Apr 25, 2019

Really cool guy. Had to be manhandled in a few scenes and really went along with some uncomfy positions. he remained cheerful, helpful and professional through out. I'd happily work with him again...

Recommended for Actor Aug 29, 2018

I definitely recommend Michael as an actor who is focus, professional, friendly, easy to work with and with good energy.

Recommended for Actor Aug 19, 2018

Brilliant actor and model, a great person to work with anytime.

Recommended for Actor Jun 20, 2018

a great model

Recommended for Model May 11, 2018

Great profile well driven..recommend to any casting professional...

Recommended for Actor Apr 10, 2018

Recommended for Actor Apr 9, 2018