Mark Highfield

Mark Highfield

Sheffield, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

Mark has been extremely receptive to direction taking on every small detail and remembering all change through the high number of takes each sequence required. He has a natural talent for dramatic delivery and I can't wait to see the film completed. A great pleasure to work with such a friendly professional who really goes the extra step.

Recommended for Actor Jun 10, 2019

Mark was fantastically professional! Arrived to set before the call time and was ready to go, which was brilliant! He was meticulous with his performance and was a great addition to have on set. I will be recommending him and hope to work with him again!

Recommended for Extra Jun 4, 2019

Mark was brilliant, a great addition to our set. A true professional!

Recommended for Extra May 31, 2019

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Very professional and willing to help others

Recommended for Extra May 31, 2019

I have had the pleasure of working with this guy a couple of times always enjoy being with him he's incredibly professional

Recommended for Actor May 27, 2019

Mark was great and easy to work with, didn’t mind getting his hands dirty - recommended!

Recommended for Extra Apr 23, 2019

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He’s a great person And I just wanna thank him for the follow he gave me

Recommended for Actor Apr 14, 2019

Professional, easy to work with!

Recommended for Extra Mar 12, 2019

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I had the pleasure of working with Mark on a recent production, and although it was only a minor role- he was punctual, approached it with commitment, energy and professionalism. Would highly recommend.

Recommended for Extra Mar 11, 2019

Great to work alongside when we performed together recently. Took direction well & aware of director's requirements.

Recommended for Extra Mar 9, 2019

Goes above and beyond, traveled to Manchester, knew all lines so was very easy to work with. Friendly, polite and absolutely reliable.

Recommended for Actor Feb 18, 2019

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Mark is extremely passionate about acting...he upmost delivers at all times...he is always up for new not hesitate to cast him for your roles...he’s a great asset and talented....

Recommended for Actor Jan 20, 2019

Professional attitude, easy to work with and fun to be with, too. Deserves to be successful in the film industry with being a keen and enthusiastic person.

Recommended for Actor Jan 13, 2019

Mark was easy to talk to, is friendly and approachable. I look forward to working with him again.

Recommended for Extra Oct 23, 2018

Mark was very approachable and easy going. A pleasure to work with, look forward to working with him again

Recommended for Extra Oct 23, 2018

A very talented and highly committed artist, always gives well beyond 100% and I have no hesitation in recommending him for any project you may wish to consider.

Recommended for Actor Oct 18, 2018

Nice to meet you at the casting, hope to work with you at future castings all the best keep up the good work. It will be a long road until we all reach the road to be famous.

Recommended for Actor Sep 5, 2018

Mark was fantastic in a short film we have just shot. We had to work quickly and Mark was straight into character, I would be happy to work with him again

Recommended for Actor Jul 6, 2018

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