Roger Dvorak

Roger Dvorak

Queensland, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

Roger is an exceptional actor, and his hard work and professionalism was reflected during the course of my short student film, No Loose Ends. He went above and beyond in his role as Jax and took direction exceptionally well. He was friendly, easy to work with and got along with his co-stars and our crew very well. I would definitely recommend Roger to casting professionals, and hope to work with him in the future!

Recommended for Actor Sep 17, 2019

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Punctual, professional, great at taking directions, full of energy and fun. An absolute pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Actor Aug 19, 2019

Roger has always been a pleasure to work with, and is professional on set

Recommended for Actor Jul 15, 2019

Roger was friendly, professional and a pleasure to work with! He took direction well and added great personality to the role.

Recommended for Actor May 11, 2019

Roger was a pleasure to work with. Punctual and friendly, I look forward to working with him again some day soon.

Recommended for Actor Mar 10, 2019

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Professional and friendly and went above and beyond for his role in my short film. This is the second time I have used Roger and will never hesitate to use his skills again.

Recommended for Extra Feb 11, 2019

Easy to work with and is very friendly on set

Recommended for Actor Feb 9, 2019

Professional and punctual; Roger brings life and depth to characters and adds an element of improvisation, exploring sides to the character that may have never otherwise been seen.

Recommended for Actor Dec 11, 2018

Would suit many roles, great actor!

Recommended for Actor Dec 4, 2018

Roger is a very talented actor and is very skilled in his craft. If you take a look at his work, it speaks for itself. I believe Roger is a man who is dedicated and committed to bringing excellence and professionalism to every project he works on. I wish him the very best in his acting career and would be honoured to work with him in the near future!

Recommended for Actor Nov 30, 2018

Roger was an absolute legend to work with. He has the purest heart and brought an incredible performance to our short film that we will always be thankful for. He’s not just a great actor who takes direction really well, he’s also a great man who will make your day 10x better!

Recommended for Actor Nov 19, 2018

I cannot recommend Roger highly enough! He was always early to shoot days and always offered to stay back to help pack up. He arrived on the first day knowing the script back to front. He took direction exceptionally well and offered many useful suggestions! He not only executed the character according to the directors vision, but also brought so much more to it that we didn't even know we wanted! Roger was friendly, always happy and an absolute delight to work with from start to finish!

Recommended for Actor Nov 16, 2018

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I have worked on 2 productions this year with Roger and found that he has a relaxed manner and takes direction easily. I can see Roger loves his craft and is hungry for more roles. I highly recommend Roger to any Casting Professionals and I'm sure Roger and I will work on more productions into the future.

Recommended for Actor Nov 10, 2018


Recommended for Actor Nov 10, 2018

Roger was easy to work along side. Knowledgeable and easy to take guidance from as well as fun.

Recommended for Actor Nov 5, 2018

Easy to work with, took direction well.

Recommended for Extra Oct 21, 2018

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I’ve worked with Roger, he was punctual, courteous and great to work with.

Recommended for Actor Oct 10, 2018

Professional, really easy to work with and versatile! Great acting skills

Recommended for Actor Oct 4, 2018

will make a great actor

Recommended for Actor Oct 4, 2018

Very professional and extremely easy to work with

Recommended for Extra Sep 24, 2018

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