Jeffrey Watkins

Jeffrey Watkins Pro

Western Australia, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

Had the opportunity to work with Jeff, and he has enlighten me trough his approach to acting, he is truly a professional, a fine actor capable of understanding other actors, always showing respect towards absolute everyone.He is a valuable talent who appreciates those around him, wonderful. A pleasure to have the chance to work with such a true thespian.

Recommended for Casting Jan 24, 2015

I had the incredible opportunity to act closely alongside of and be directed by Jeffrey Watkins on the Sci-Fi thriller Feature Film, Hard Vacuum (2015). I have nothing but glowing recommendations for Jeffrey. He genuinely wants the best for his cast and crew, happily working one-to-one with actors to develop their characters, a skill in which he has a wealth of knowledge. He is nothing but professional at all times however, would never miss the chance to tell a funny story (with multiple accents and facial expressions) or lighthearted joke to make being on set with him an absolute joy. If given the opportunity to work alongside Jeffrey again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Recommended for Casting Jan 24, 2015

Jeff is an extremely talented Actor and Director, I always felt in good hands while he was directing Hard Vacuum a sci fi thriller we worked on together. He's a lovely and dedicated person with a professional approach to his work.

Recommended for Casting Jan 24, 2015

I have worked on set with Jeffrey and he is very Professional, easy to get along with, king and caring. He is an amazingly good actor and I highly recommend him.

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