Peter Radford

Peter Radford Pro

Nottingham, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

Peter is an absolute legend. Takes direction brilliantly, adds fresh perspective to the project and just gets it, scene after scene after scene.

Recommended for Actor Sep 28, 2018

If you want a model who sweeps you up with his enthusiasm and leaves you wanting to create fantastic work in the future - then Peter is the man for you! He's amazing and I loved every second of our shoot, it was huge fun yet massively productive. Peter was punctual, friendly, funny, amazing, self directing and a joy to be with. Did I mention amazing? I would thoroughly recommend him to all - both for acting (we almost did Shakespeare on the balcony!!) and for being a spiffing model!

Recommended for Model Aug 22, 2018

Fantastic actor, easy to direct. Great to work with!

Recommended for Actor Apr 6, 2018


Recommended for Actor Oct 14, 2017

Peter has a great work ethic, and delivers an authentic performance. He is very organised and professional. Highly recommended!! I am looking forward to him retuning to portray the same character; but with a dark edgy approach.

Recommended for Actor Mar 26, 2017

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Very professional man who takes direction easily. Have worked with him on two projects and would highly recommend.

Recommended for Model Feb 1, 2016

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Peter once again proved his worth to our ongoing feature film production, this time earning himself a nomination for best villain. His large stature & powerful vocal work came together to create a very intimidating onscreen character which brought out the best in the actors he worked with by pushing them to deliver performances at the same high standard as his own . A method actor all the way, can't wait to work with him again next year! :-)

Recommended for Actor Aug 14, 2015

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Peter joined us to play the role of the Villain in our upcoming promotional film within the Cricketing world. This character featured prosthetic makeup and restrictive Armour; Peter was able to build all of this into the characterisation of the role superbly, amending his movement and physicality to suit the Three Villains he was playing. He was a real joy to work with; adapting to Direction both quickly and with great care and consideration. I wouldn't hesitate in re-employing him in the future. Ryan JD Moore Senior Producer, Affixxius Films

Recommended for Actor Mar 6, 2015

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Quick work and makes sure he knows what he's doing beforehand so he doesn't make mistakes.

Recommended for Actor Feb 23, 2015

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This was our second time working with Peter after he impressed us so much the first time around. Peter is very easy to work with and brings a great energy to set. He clearly spends time thinking about his character and brings his own ideas to the role, that enhance his performance and the production.

Recommended for Actor Jan 20, 2015

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Peter was the perfect actor for the 'Big Criminals' short, he took direction well and had no problem with improvising dialogue. He gave us the performance we needed with very little rehearsal time and we are happy to work with him on many more productions.

Recommended for Actor Jan 20, 2015

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Peter is a professional; he takes direction well, but is also well able to use his own initiative. He is able to capture and reflect a range of emotions - his mean and menacing look is very convincing, but than after the image he breaks out into an equally convincing smile. A top bloke; give him call.

Recommended for Model Nov 30, 2014

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Peter excelled himself in method acting & stage combat & has an amazing stage presence. He follows direction well & remained upbeat during what was a fairly time pressured shoot in a fairly uncomfortable costume ;-)

Recommended for Actor Nov 21, 2014

Coalescent Films- Peter is a talented actor who brings a different and fresh spin on his characters. An amazing audition and a great new member of our cast!

Recommended for Actor Aug 21, 2014

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Peter did a top job recording lines for the 'Clydesdale Sweeper' and the male version of the 'LSF Enforcer' for 'Sins of the Sirius Sector' Mod

Recommended for Actor Aug 15, 2014

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Was apart of my 5th annual Dark Knight Joker Photoshoot. Was great to work with and understood the role and character given to him. Highly recommend and look forward to working with him again very soon

Recommended for Model Aug 14, 2014

Peter is a fantastic, naturally talented actor with a brilliant work ethic. He was a joy to work with and was able to take direction extremely well, adapt to any filming situation and maintain in character through pressing circumstances.

Recommended for Actor Aug 11, 2014

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Peter was punctual, and a total joy to work with. Very friendly, professional, and helped with some changes to script, giving his own ideas from his experiences. Nice guy, good to work with, Thankyou Peter!

Recommended for Actor Apr 7, 2014

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Peter was a pleasure to work with. Able to take direction and remain focused in less than ideal circumstances. Hope to work with him again in the future.

Recommended for Actor Mar 18, 2014

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An actor with a long successful career ahead of him. Able to delve into the emotional state of the character with great depth as well as simply being a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Actor Mar 16, 2014

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