Emalia Burford

Emalia Burford Pro

New South Wales, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

Love working with Emalia, she is such a beautiful girl!

Recommended for Actor Oct 3, 2017

Very professional and such a lovely person to work with.

Recommended for Actor Sep 10, 2017

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Absolute pleasure to work with! Extremely talented, super professional and overall a great fun, bubbly and committed personality. Would highly recommend to anyone! Thank you so much for working with us! You were a star!

Recommended for Actor Aug 19, 2017

Emalia is a talented singer, model and actor. A pleasure to work with, I have seen her in action and am always impressed by her professionalism and the excellent results she provides.

Recommended for Actor Aug 7, 2017

Emalia was an absolute pleasure to work with. She came well prepared and gave every task 100%. Would recommend her to anyone.

Recommended for Actor Aug 2, 2017

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Working with Emalia on set my short film was great! With a bubbly, fun personality and beautiful acting skills to match, she is an asset to any production.

Recommended for Actor Jun 16, 2017

Emalia is an extremely talented, professional and friendly performer. She is fully prepared and committed, taking her role very seriously. She is able to give convincing and emotional performances (even bringing some crew members to tears). Incredible actress!

Recommended for Actor Jun 5, 2017

An incredible performer, as an actress she is truly a professional. She exceeded our expectations by a huge margin. Her skills as an actress truly sets her above the rest. She is a jewel in any film set, her professionalism is a true assets for any film production. I would happily recommend her to a film production.

Recommended for Actor May 22, 2017

Emelia is an extremely talented individual. Her music writing and singing performances are brilliant. Topped with her professionalism she is a pleasure to deal with.

Recommended for Actor Mar 7, 2017

Emalia is an extremely talented young lady! She is also highly professional and super friendly.

Recommended for Casting Jan 11, 2017

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