Demitra S

Demitra S

New South Wales, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

Talented actres, easy to work with, confident in front of the camera, always ready and prepared. It was pleasure to work with her.

Recommended for Actor Nov 7, 2018

Loved working with her on the photo shoot for Marina Oxley Photography. She is gorgeous and very talented

Recommended for Actor Jul 16, 2017

Amazing actor and a gem to works with!

Recommended for Actor Apr 8, 2017

Demitra is a beautiful and talented actress with a great future ahead of her. I look forward to working with her again.

Recommended for Actor Feb 11, 2017

Demi is an incredibly talented actress who is able to take direction very well and is able to portray a range of different characters very naturally.

Recommended for Actor Sep 5, 2016

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Demitra was an asset to the team... She listend to direction when needed and added her own style to the scenes which i encouraged... She is an absolute joy to work with, and would not hesitate to work with her again in the future.

Recommended for Actor Apr 2, 2015

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Extremely talented. She is the whole package, good looks, and strong emotional acting. Really impressed actually.

Recommended for Actor Feb 9, 2015

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I had the pleasure of working with Demi for the short film Run. She brought a great amount of energy to the set and a positive attitude, never shying away from challenging scenes. She gave a top performance in a demanding role and took on direction well. Demi is efficient and great to work with. Thus, it is without hesitation that I offer my recommendation in support of her intention to pursue further filmic and theatrical work.

Recommended for Actor Oct 10, 2014

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A skilled actress with a very large range. I hope to work with her again soon.

Recommended for Actor Oct 5, 2014

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Very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Actor May 6, 2014

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Demi was a pleasure to work with on the film Dare to be Great. Cast as the lead female she was professional and dedicated form the get go. She posses a wealth of talent that any Director would be priviledged to experience and work with. She threw herself into the role during rehearsals and then through bringing the character to life on the screen. Her dedication to the character and her work as a talented actress did not go unnoticed when she brought those subtle touches and emotional moments to life in her portrayal of the character Lisa. She is an absolute pleasure to work with both on and off screen and I would recommend her for any future roles. Kind Regards, Tahnee Court Producer, Director of Dare to be Great

Recommended for Actor Apr 27, 2014

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very professional and punctual. Great attitude.

Recommended for Actor Apr 24, 2014

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Recommended for Actor Jan 23, 2018

Recommended for Actor Nov 20, 2017

Recommended for Actor Oct 7, 2017

Recommended for Actor Sep 1, 2017

Recommended for Actor Aug 7, 2017

Recommended for Actor Jul 30, 2017

Recommended for Actor Jun 15, 2017

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Recommended for Actor May 10, 2017

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