Peter Flaherty

Peter Flaherty Pro

Victoria, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

Peter arrived on time.

Recommended for Actor Dec 11, 2016

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There is nobody more dedicated, invested and passionate about this business than Peter. His spirit of generosity transcends the screen and as far as performing goes, he is 'living play-dough'. Peter is an incredibly malleable performer who's energy, creativity and instincts are a director's dream. 'Team player' is his middle name and his most appealing quality is his dedication to serve the betterment of the project as a whole. There's nothing prima donna about him at all and every question, choice or suggestion he offers as an artist is never about his own 'performance', but rather what would make this better for 'you' (the project). There is nobody more 'giving' as an actor nor generous as a person. I cannot recommend him highly enough and any project would benefit from his inclusion and I look forward to working with him again, many times over.

Recommended for Actor Nov 17, 2016

Fantastic unique look. Very professional. Highly recommend

Recommended for Actor Aug 31, 2016

Highly recommended. Very professional, good luck in your future jobs.

Recommended for Actor Aug 9, 2016

Peter is a passionate and a very hard working actor. I wish him all the best for his future.

Recommended for Actor Jul 16, 2016

Peter is a pleasure to work with and apply prosthetic makeup on!

Recommended for Actor Jun 29, 2016

An all round champion ????

Recommended for TV Show Participant Jun 2, 2016

A dedicated actor, extremely hard working person who gives 100% to everything he does. I have had the pleasure of working with Peter a few times, his talent and natural ability is front of the camera is inspiring.

Recommended for Actor Oct 7, 2015

Peter is super professional & and great to work with.

Recommended for Actor May 3, 2015

Highly recommended.

Recommended for Actor Dec 17, 2014

Brilliant actor and comedian

Recommended for Actor Oct 23, 2014

Great actor and entertainer, very supportive and professional!

Recommended for Actor Jul 28, 2014

Peter's a great actor, at very short notice he took on a major part in our independent feature and totally brought his character to life, as well as brightening up our shoot with his great sense of humor. Pete improvised an unscripted scene with ease, as well as delivering his scripted lines to perfection. Peter will give you the performance you want and more... highly recommended.

Recommended for Actor Apr 3, 2013

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Recommended for Actor Jan 6, 2018

Recommended for Actor Nov 19, 2017

Recommended for Actor Jun 9, 2017

Recommended for Actor Feb 26, 2017

Recommended for Actor Jan 22, 2017

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Recommended for Actor Oct 19, 2016

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