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Absolutely fantastic! Kelvin is everything you could want for in an actor, extremely talented, reliable and professional in every respect. It was a privilege to have someone of his caliber involved in our production. Kelvin has great charisma and is instantly likeable, I'm not surprised that he has an extensive amount of positive feedback from other productions. Thanks again for your tremendous efforts in our film, highly recommended.

Recommended for Actor Mar 18, 2018

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Handsome, cute, amazing and great personality with Versatile talent! I highly recommend!

Recommended for Actor Oct 9, 2017

Kelvin is a great actor, totally commited to his craft. Very pleasant to be around him, he's the kind of person always ready to give a smile and a kind word to other people, whoever they are, cast, crew, or fans. Kelvin is very natural in front of a camera, as an actor or posing for stills. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Actor Oct 13, 2016

Fantastic unique look. Very professional. Highly recommend. Keep up the great work.

Recommended for Actor Sep 8, 2016

Awesome and easy to work with. Takes and follows instructions well. Is diverse and gives 110% with every performance he does/has done. Definitely one to have on your team as an actor/performer or what ever you have for him he will be one to arise to the challenge. Very confident and a mature being with a charming charisma about him.

Recommended for Actor May 7, 2015

Kelvin is a great person to work with and very friendly, gets along well with everybody. A very likable personality he would a great asset to any cast keep up the good work :-)

Recommended for Actor May 2, 2015

Great guy to work with, great sense of humor

Recommended for Model Apr 9, 2015

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Kelvin is perfect. He has the most unrelenting upbeat attitude, making every long night worth while. On top of that he's unbelievably reliable, punctual, and gifted. My team and I have worked with Kelvin countless times, on every kind of production, ranging from adverts and comedy roles, to horror films and vfx pieces. Every time I start a new concept, Kelvin is the first person I contact. Not only to see if he's interested, but to get his creative input on the piece.

Recommended for Actor Dec 18, 2014

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Great personality, easy to work with and full of energy. Kelvin brought a beautiful vibe to the set, relax, smiling and we had a blast with him. I can only say good things about him and will love to work with him again.

Recommended for Actor Oct 19, 2014

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I have worked with Kelvin a couple times before this film, and as always he is a blast to work with, never a dull moment. He came early to the film shoot, which gave us extra time to go over details of the script with him, which made it a whole lot easier. I highly recommend Kelvin, always fun to work with.

Recommended for Actor Jun 15, 2014

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Lots of energy, full of vim and vigour.

Recommended for Actor May 31, 2014

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Thanks to Kelvin in stepping in to a portrait workshop at short notice, everyone on the workshop enjoyed photographing Kelvin, he is energetic and very photogenic. Will be doing more shoots with him in the future.

Recommended for Model Apr 13, 2014

Excellent personality, vibrant and upbeat, great to work with. thanks!

Recommended for Model Apr 11, 2014

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There is never a full moment with Kelvin on set. He has a great personality and bought such life and humour to his character in Oddballs. Highly recommended for any future endeavours he applies for!!

Recommended for Actor Mar 29, 2014

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Full of energy and fun to work with.

Recommended for Actor Mar 17, 2014

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Recommended for Actor Feb 24, 2018

Recommended for Actor Jan 23, 2018

Recommended for Actor Nov 23, 2017

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Recommended for Actor Aug 19, 2017

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