Henry Morris

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London, United Kingdom


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One of the best actors I have ever worked with. Myself, film video director and the rest of the crew loved Henry's professionalism, dedication and flexibility. Great relaxed character, witty too :) Would definitely include him again in our new project.

Recommended for Actor Sep 22, 2019

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Henry was absolutely brilliant to work with. He took direction very well, contributed to my vision of the character and was game for all the challenges I presented him with. Also, he's hilarious.

Recommended for Actor May 29, 2019

Henry played the role of Freddie in a green screen shoot in February. He was great to work with and played the role brilliantly.

Recommended for Actor Feb 25, 2019

Henry kindly helped me out on a head shot project, I found him to be very professional and 100% reliable. Henry has a great commercial look and I would highly recommend to any casting professional.

Recommended for Actor Jan 22, 2019

Professional, courteous and patient - the perfect guy for the job.

Recommended for Model Dec 29, 2018

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It was great having Henry on our shoot, he’s extremely professional and follows direction very well. A pleasure and ease to work with.

Recommended for Model Sep 20, 2018

Henry was a delight, incredibly funny and inventive.

Recommended for Actor Aug 30, 2018

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Very professional, easy to work with

Recommended for Model Jun 25, 2018

Professional, takes direction well, responsive, committed to the time period required, reliable, friendly

Recommended for Actor Jun 13, 2018

Henry is a brilliant professional and was fantastic to work with!

Recommended for Model Mar 9, 2018

I had the pleasure to work with Henry. He is very professional and looks great on camera. Highly recommend Henry for any presenting or acting roles.

Recommended for Actor Nov 14, 2017

Great guy. Reliable, hard worker and great actor.

Recommended for Actor Oct 16, 2017

Genuin guy, very natural at acting, plays his roles well

Recommended for Actor Aug 2, 2017

I was very lucky to meet Henry on my first TV drama reconstruction shoot. Henry was funny, entertaining and a constant professional. He certainly kept the cast and crew happy throughout the long hours of waiting around and did a fantastic job acting his part. I would recommend Henry to all casting directors and wish him the best of luck in the future! The fact that he is so high up the talent list on Star Now speaks for itself.

Recommended for Actor Jun 20, 2017

Did a great job, client loved him. Really enthuiastic. Great job thank you. Envisage Agency

Recommended for Actor May 19, 2017

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Worked with Henry on a bar shoot - very cooperative and worked well with the other models.

Recommended for Model May 2, 2017

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Henry is a dedicated professional and a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend him.

Recommended for Actor Feb 18, 2017

We shot with Henry yesterday and he was great to work with. He went out of his way to fit into our schedule, and delivered exactly what we needed from the shoot. Highly recommended!

Recommended for Model Dec 14, 2016

Great portfolio, highly recommend!

Recommended for Actor Nov 23, 2016

Brilliant professional and a great actor. Brings a lot to any production.

Recommended for Actor Nov 13, 2016

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