Sam Humphrey

Sam Humphrey Pro

California, United States


CP = Casting Professional

A very experienced actor, great to work with. Sam is always very patient to the acting, I highly recommend him for film indursty. :)

Recommended for Casting Oct 4, 2017

One of those who has the biggest heart for the craft of acting that I've known. Easy to work with and you'll definitely be influenced by his positivity once you worked with this guy. Highly recommended :)

Recommended for Actor Oct 4, 2017

Sam is an amazing actor! So professional, incredible to work with, and an all round talented person!

Recommended for Actor Aug 4, 2017

An absolute legend to work with, heaps of fun and super professional!

Recommended for Actor Jul 27, 2017

Very enthusiastic actor and brings great energy to every job. Fantastic to work alone side as is very fun but also very professional.

Recommended for Actor Aug 12, 2016

Recommended for Actor Mar 14, 2018

Recommended for Actor Feb 7, 2018

Recommended for Actor Oct 4, 2017

Recommended for Actor Jul 1, 2017