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Dominican Republic
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My love Jeimy Morgana, our daughter Century Vittoria and our son Derek Abreu.

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English Latino & International

Mixed Commercial Voiceover Demo

01English Latino & International
02Español Neutro
03Dominican Slang
04English Dominican Accent
07Corporate Positive
08Corporativo Positivo
11Rapsodia Encantada De Los 5 Elementos
12The Birth of the Supernatural Force
14Hiamu - Andrómeda

Physical Attributes

185 cm / 6ft 1in
93 kg / 204 lbs
Latinx / Hispanic
118 cm / 46 in
Skin color:
91 cm / 36 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Expo 2020 Dubai : Voice Actor Character Alif & Opti the Mobility and Opportunity Pavilion guardians.
  • Save Ralph Token Cryptocoin : Voice Artist Ralph Character and corporate media
  • Goblins Of Elderstone Hero Video Game : Gruul The Orc Voice
  • ''Arthur The King'' starring Mark Whalberg & Nathalie Emmanuel : Photographer scene talking with Michael (Mark Whalberg)
  • Dubai 2021 expo Video & APP charachter : Voiceover/Actor
  • Gobierno De La Républica Dominicana various media campaigns : Voiceover
  • Office For Climate Education E Learning Climate Change video : Voiceover
  • VascAgeNet Vascular Health Spanish Video : Voiceover
  • Taescol Corporate video/Colombia/ English & Spanish : Voiceover
  • La Broma De La Justicia film directed by Jassel Gonzales : Composer/Music Producer/Voiceover
  • One Voice Awards London : Best International Voiceover Performance Male Nominee
  • Ni Aquí ni Allá Short Film directed by Franco Machado Pesce : Voiceover/Actor
  • Brugal Doble Reserva rum TV, radio & digital campaign : Voiceover
  • Nestlé Impulso Tv and Digital Campaign : Voiceover
  • Referencia Lab Recruitment video all characters. : Voiceover/Actor
  • Creso Tokio 2020 Olimpiadas Rep. Dom. TV, & Digital : Voiceover
  • Farmaconal Phone System IVR : Voiceover
  • One Voice Awards 2020 : Best International Voiceover Performance Male Winner
  • We Are Samsung Israel Influencer ''No More Likes'' Campaign : Voiceover
  • Presidente Beer ''Volvamos Con Moderación'' Media Campaign : Voiceover
  • Yogurt Rica TV & Digital campaign : Voiceover
  • Frito Lay ''Ahora Te Toca Ganar'' Media Campaign : Voiceover
  • Banco Popular Dominicano Covid TV, radio & digital campaign : Voiceover
  • Dominican Energy Crops Corporate Video : Voiceover
  • Seguros Universal Gold Assist TV Campaign : Voiceover
  • Centro Cuesta Nacional Voice : Voiceover
  • Farmacia Carol Official male voice for all media : Voiceover
  • Pizza Hut Panormus Edge Tv Spot : Voiceover
  • Tiendas La Sirena Mother's day during Covid : Voiceover
  • Jose Cuervo Tequila Cuervo Paloma TV Campaign Greece : Voiceover
  • El App Film directed by Tabaré Blanchard/Boston - Dominican Rep. : Supporting Role/Victor
  • Tropical Coptales TV Series : Supporting Role/Diaper Man
  • American Smiths Organic products Corporate videos : Voiceover
  • Haití Film by Jalsen Santana : Supporting Role/Human Traficant Boss Assistant
  • Carlota Film directed by Yoel Morales : Supporting Role/Rémula
  • AbImBev Recompra Cerveceria Internal Videos Latin America : Voiceover
  • Men In My Life directed by Leila Djansi : Supporting Role/Bad Boss Dirty Job Sidekick
  • Juanita Film directed by Leticia Tonos : Supporting Role/Casio
  • Delta Comercial Radio & Tv Campaign : Voiceover
  • Premios Micrófono de Oro : Nominación como Mejor Locutor Comercial y Mejor Voz En Off.
  • El Proyeccionista Film by José Maria Cabral : Supporting Role/Miguelón
  • Global Film Festival Media Campaign : Voiceover
  • Ednita Nazario Concert by Vibra Productions : Voiceover
  • Back To Scool Claro Comunication company Radio Campaign : Voiceover/Actor
  • Antena 7 Tv & Antena 21 : Official Voice of the channels
  • Corporate Awards Quala Do. : Voiceover
  • Mi Visión Pedernales by mivision.do : Voiceover
  • Rilix Racing Fuels Tv & Digital campaign : Voiceover
  • Oro y Polvo Film Trailer : Voiceover
  • RayMorgana : Music Producer/Singer/Actor
  • Bodega Island Concert New York : Singer producer as alter-ego Gallo Lester
  • Como Un Bolero Theatre Play/Colombia & Dominican Rep. : Music Producer Actor
  • La Colonial Seguros Tv campaign : Composer/Music Producer
  • Ministerio De Obras Públicas Carretera Piedra Blanca Video : Voiceover
  • En Medio Del Dolor Dir. Luis Corporan : Composer/Music Producer
  • Duarte Traición y Gloria Film : Composer/Music Producer
  • Hollywood Immersive Music : Talent/Music Producer/Singer
  • El Seno De La Esperanza Dir. Freddy Vargas : Composer/Music Producer
  • Aquella Que Va Sobre Zancos Dir. Francisco Montas : Composer/Music Producer
  • Marasma film Dir. Kryzz Gautier/Canes short film corner : Composer/Music Producer
  • El Gallo Film by Juan Fernandez : Composer/Music Producer
  • Festival De Cine Global Dominicano : Red Carpet TV Host
  • Biodegradable Film directed by Juan Basanta : Gonzales/Robert Kelly
  • All Lit Up Film by Krizz Gautier & Oivier Loranger Gagnon : Composer/Music Producer
  • Il Re Del Ballo Tv Show/Bobo Vieri & Marco Del Vecchio/Italia : Guide/Presenter on screen talent
  • Musical Opening for the Global Foundation Film Fest : Producer/Actor Singer
  • Sophomore Film Rochester NY : Composer/Music Producer/ Alt Cut of the film
  • Loteka Lottery : Voiceover
  • The Voodoo's List directed by Angelo Rizzo : Supporting role/Maurice
  • Asistiendo La Herida Del Dentista Short Film by Mentes Fritas : Lead Role/ The Psyco Dentist
  • Improvisation Workshop FUNGLODE : Hollywood actor Roger Guenveur Smith workshop
  • Genji Endo Album ''Soy'' : Music Producer
  • La Mancha Indeleble Dir. Francisco Montas : Composer/Music Producer
  • Olvidarte O El Arte Perdido De Amarte Perdidamente : Lead Role/Raymond
  • Indiana Juarez y la Cueva del Nominadus : El Indio De La Bachata
  • Aceptar Workshop Short film directed by Joussef Delara : The Guy
  • Bohemia Beer Reventón Concerts Tv & Radio Spots : Voiceover
  • Sueño De Una Noche De Teatro Theatre play by Enrique Chao : Multiple Roles/Supporting/Pumba/Cat...
  • Shcerezade Theatre play by Alan Bei : Main Role/Sultán Shariar


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish

  • Latin American

Speaks spanish, english, italian, self-taught musician and composer, plays mandolin, guitar, piano, quena flute, percussion, beat box, singer (bass-baritone-tenor), dances salsa, merengue and bachata, whistles, weight lifting, chess player, bicycling, jogging, baseball, animation voices, TV and radio host.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Wolfman photo session by PINE BOX STUDIO by Becker & Leyva


Professional voiceover/Actor/Film Music Producer, Mobile Filmmaker Huawei P30 Pro


Composer ability


Producer ability


Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country

Influences: Woodkid, Apparat, Idan Raichel, Rammstein, Depeche Mode, Bjork, Blvack Ceiling

Music Producer, mobile filmmaker, singer, video editor.


  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish

  • Latin American

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