Regijus Simkevicius

Photographer, Film producer / Manager, Runner / Assistant, Camera Operator, Editor / Post Production Staffer,… more

Derby, United Kingdom
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  • RS PRODUCTION : CEO of RS PRODUCTION. During 2018 we made Documentary which gain BBC interest, Independent Films and Commercials for customers like 247 clothing brand and Bonhams.
  • Bonhams Auction house UK and France departments : Commercials and Sales video maker for largest auction house Bonhams.

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Knowledge of lenses how to work with the camera and most important creating composition which helps to sell products.
2018 worked for Rolls Royce at Goodwood Festival Of Speed.
Symon Clay Photography helping to photograph Bonhams Auction cars for a catalogue.
247 Moments web page photo shoot for new clothing brand including moving image commercial.
With such a rich experience in various jobs, I can provide high-quality photos and even have my own home studio with a grey background if needed indoor shooting to save money on renting a studio. With professional lighting for models.
Huge knowledge over 12 years of experience with photoshop knowing how to fix unwanted mistakes in photos including colour grading.

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