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Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
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Ross K Foad Audio Reel 2018

A selection of extracts from video games, radio plays, animations, and fan dubs.

01Ross K Foad Audio Reel 2018
02Sonic The Hedgehog Character Voices
03CDF: Starfighter Audio Extract
04Various Monster Characters for Cartoon
05PC Charlie Sears - East End Copper.
06Ludwig - German Soldier
07Theatrical Pagoda Owner (Video Game V/O)
08Commanding Officer
09The Audio Adventures of Sherlock Holmes:
010Hiriyo - Dark Natured Assassin
11Health App Audition
12Swedish Police Officer
13Interview with the Ginger and Nut Show

Physical Attributes

177 cm / 5ft 10in
76 cm / 30 in
59 kg / 129 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
102 cm / 40 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Ready When You Are (Short Film) : Ex-Boyfriend (Voice)
  • I Scream on the Beach (Feature Film) : Police Officer #1 (Voice)
  • The Arty Facts Show (Radio) : Himself - Interviewee
  • The Ginger and Nuts Show (Radio) : Himself - Interviewee.
  • Actors 2020 (Podcast) : Himself - Interviewee.
  • Metropolitan Police Training Film: Responding to Marauding Terrorist Attacks (Corporate) : Right Wing Activist
  • The Truth Lies Within (Short Film) : Sherlock Holmes
  • Marvel Stop Motion Defenders: Into Fear (Short Film) : Hydra Agent Bob (Voice)
  • Toejam and Earl's Super Funky Telethon (Web) : Himself
  • Beat The Street (Web Series) : Himself - Contestant
  • What Dreams are Made of (Music Video) : Video Game Player
  • Our Liam of Lourdes (Radio Play) : Noah
  • Enough (Short Film) : Ross
  • Black Cat: Live to Lie (Short Film) : Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • It's a Yes from Me (Short Film) : Ross
  • The Terror at Blue John Gap (Short Film) : Sherlock Holmes
  • Professor Challenger & The Disintegration Machine (Short Film) : Sherlock Holmes
  • Heroes For Hire SM: Another One Bites The Dust (Short Film) : Hydra Agent Bob (Voice)
  • Love Sarah (Feature Film) : Bakery Customer
  • Avengers Civil War Stop Motion: End Game (Short Film) : Ant-Man (Voice)
  • Father Ted & The Panto Horse Protest (Short Film) : Father Dougal McGuire
  • The London Pantomime Horse Race Show (Stage) : Father Dougal McGuire
  • London Performing Arts Academy (Workshop) : Tutor - Creating Your Youtube Heaven
  • Avengers Civil War Stop Motion: Fallen Son (Short Film) : Hydra Agent Bob (Voice)
  • Sky News (TV) : Himself - Interviewee.
  • Being Alone Together: Britain’s Struggle with Loneliness (TV) : Himself
  • Word on the Curb (Web Series) : Himself
  • Project Time Jump (Video Game) : Dr. Igor Colton (Voice + FMV)
  • Summer in a Jar (Short Film) : Narrator
  • The Ghost Purchaser (Short Film) : Silas D'odd
  • Spider-Man: Web of Love (Short Film) : Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Joy (Short Film) : Ross
  • The Bardstard's Tale (Short Film) : Richie
  • The Most Savage Wedding (Short Film) : Wedding Guest
  • Frantic Assembly : Physical Theatre Movement Course
  • FM1FM (Radio) : Interview Guest
  • Bump in the Night (Audio Web Series) : Narrator
  • Lies (Music Video) : Salesman
  • Feedback (Music Video) : Loved Guy
  • Abduction: The Game Show! (Short Film) : XYX
  • E-xist T-ence C-ease (Short Film) : Gothic Guard
  • BBC Class Act Talent Scheme For Disabled Actors : Graduate
  • Witch? (Short Film) : Cleaning Equipment Questioner
  • The Autism Show (Podcast) : Featured Guest
  • Human Contact (Feature Film) : English Victim
  • The Series of Mana (Web Series) : Randi
  • 1916 (Surrey Hills Radio Play) : Ludwig (Voice)
  • CDF Starfighter VR (Video Game) : Fighter Pilot - Fennings (voice)
  • Star Citizen (Video Game) : Additional Voices
  • Starfighter Origins (Video Game) : Lieutenant Fennings (voice)
  • The Catterson Chronicles (Online Audio Drama) : PC Charlie Sears
  • Filthy Soles (Short Film) : PC Robert Smith
  • Lost (Music Video for Ghost in The Machine) : Anxiety Demon
  • The Young Ones Reloaded: Karmaggedon (Short) : Rick Pratt
  • The Young Ones Reloaded: Hat's The Way To Do It (Short) : Rick Pratt
  • It Continues (Short Film) : Dying Guy
  • Hello, Au Revoir! (Feature Film) : Sherlock Holmes
  • Follow The Plan (Feature Film) : Journalist George Norton
  • The Laughwits Play (Stage Play) : Ross
  • Aberration: Into the Unknown (TV Series) : Himself - Eye Witness
  • The Chrissy B Show (TV Series) : Himself
  • A Hunting We Will Go (Election Advert) : Fox Hunter
  • The Wright Stuff (TV Series) : Himself - Contributor
  • The Send Show (Surrey Hills Radio) : Featured Guest
  • Dark Matter: Hudokai (Video Game) : Okura / Jay Bee (voice)
  • The Young Ones: Armed and Stupid (Short Film) : Rick Pratt
  • Britain's Deadliest Lovers (TV Series) : Irish Church Goer
  • The Baker Street Babes (Podcast) : Featured Guest
  • Andrew Grammar (Music Video) : Wedding Guest
  • The Diogenes Documentaries (Web Series) : Narrator
  • An Internet of Convenience (Short Film) : Rob
  • The Faction of Farce (Web Series) : Various Characters
  • Every Day Enemies (Election Advert) : Thomas the Librarian
  • Clownfish (Short Film) : Office Worker
  • The Mary Morstan Mysteries (Web Series) : Sherlock Holmes
  • Ross K Reviews (Web Series) : Himself
  • No Place Like Holmes (Web Series) : Sherlock Holmes
  • The Crematorium (Short Film) : Sam
  • Strange People and Strange Times (Web Series) : Clark Cooper
  • Various London Locations : Stand Up Sketch Comedian
  • Lords Giles and Norris (Web Series) : Lord Norris
  • The Younger Ones (Web Series) : Rick Pratt
  • Pampers (Advertisement) : Baby


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent


  • English

  • Irish
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA New York
  • German

2018, Dr. Igor Colton, Project Time Jump, Mark Baars
2017, Lt. Fennings, Starfighter Origins, Mag Studios
2016, Fighter Pilot Fennings, CDF Starfighter, Mag Studios
2016, Okura/Jay Bee, Dark Matter Hudokai, Onxybreakers
2016, Additional Voices, Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games

2018, Himself, Being Alone Together Britain’s Struggle with Loneliness, Arte Echo Media
2017, Himself, The Chrissy B Show, Sky Channel 203
2017, Irish Church Goer, Britain's Deadliest Lovers, Nick Aarons, Crackit Productions
2017, Himself, Aberration: Into the Unknown, Nathan Head, BlackFlag TV
2016, Himself, The Wright Stuff, Nick Pinn, Princess Productions.
2015, Clark Cooper, Gagbox (Pilot Episode), Fenia-Vardanis, Melina Media

2019, Himself - Contestant, Beat The Street, Yahoo Online.
2018-Present, Randi, The Series of Mana, Ross K. Foad Productions.
2015-Present, Various Characters, "The Faction of Farce", Ross K Foad Productions
2015-Present Narrator, "The Diogenes Documentaries" NPLH Productions
2012-2015, Sherlock Holmes, "The Mary Morstan Mysteries", NPLH Productions
2011-2015, Himself, "Ross K Reviews"NPLH Productions
2010-Present, Sherlock Holmes, "No Place Like Holmes" , NPLH Productions,
2009, Lord Norris, "Giles and Norris" (6 Episodes), CHROSSTOPHER

2019, Hydra Agent Bob (Voice), Marvel Stop Motion Defender, Mario Esteban Durán.
2019, Hydra Agent Bob (Voice), Heroes For Hire: Another One Bites The Dust, Mario Esteban Durán.
2018, Hydra Agent Bob (Voice), Marvel Stop Motion Avengers, Mario Esteban Durán.
2018, Ant-Man (Voice), Marvel Stop Motion Avengers, Mario Esteban Durán.
2018, Teenager (Voice), A Day at Secondary School for the Girl with the Curly Hair, CHP Productions.

2019. Right Wing Activist, Responding to Terrorist Attacks, Metropolitan Police.

2019, Ex-Boyfriend, Ready When You Are, Lo Fontaine.
2019, Ross, Enough, Awhina Films.
2019, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Black Cat: Live to Lie, Cinematic Dreams.
2019, Ross, It's a Yes from Me, Saverio Fabbri Productions.
2019, Sherlock Holmes, The Truth Lies Within, Ross K. Foad Productions.
2019, Sherlock Holmes, The Terror at Blue Gap, Ross K. Foad Productions.
2019, Sherlock Holmes, Professor Challenger & The Disintegration Machine, Ross K. Foad Productions.
2018, Peter Parker, Spider-Man:Web of Love, Kath Leroy.
2018, Narrator, Summer in a Jar, Micheal Kern.
2018, Ross, Joy: A Microfilm, Tal Anderson
2018, Richie Rich, A Bardstard's Tale, Ross K. Foad Productions
2018, Wedding Guest, Long Con Silver, The Hook.
2017, Gothic Guard, E-xist T-ence C-ease, Nighmar Acousky.
2017, XYX, Abduction: The Chat Show, Marina Fistall, University of Greenwich.
2017, Equipment Cleaning Questioner, Witch, Becca Tizzard Productions
2017, Dying Guy, It Continues, Bella McCaty, Beddu Productions.
2015, Rob, An Internet of Convenience, Frances Morrow Brown, Tiny Bag Productions
2015, Thomas, Everyday Enemies, Federico Gangemi
2015, Gary Flandro, The Grand Tour, John Andrew Cameron, John Andrew Cameron Films
2015, Office Worker "ClownFish", Ed Rigg, Yellow Spot Collective Films

2019, Featured Guest, The Ginger & Nuts Show, Darren Yates.
2019, Featured Guest, Actors 2020 Podcast, Johnny Keatth.
2019, Noah, Our Liam of Lourdes, BBC Radio 4, Jessica Dromgoole.
2018, Featured Guest, Throwback Thursday, Fm1Fm Radio.
2017, Featured Guest, The Autism Show, Catherine Pascuas.
2016, Featured Guest, The SEND SHOW, Surrey Hills Radio
2016, Ludwig, 1916, Daisy Plant, Surrey Hills Radio
2015, Featured Guest, The Baker Street Babes Episode 68, The Baker Street Babes

2018, Father Dougal McGuire, "The London Pantomime Horse Race Show", Greenwich, London.
2017, Ross, "The Laughwits" London Museum of Comedy Sketch Off Performance.
2009, Rick, "The Younger Ones Live" (Various locations London Comedy Circuit)
2009, Lord Norris, "Giles and Norris Live" (Various locations London Comedy Circuit)
2009, Clark Cooper, "Strange Times" (Various locations London Comedy Circuit)

2019, Police Officer #1, I Scream on the Beach! Tis Films, Alex Churchyard
2019, Bakery Customer, Love Sarah, Femme Films, Eliza Schroeder
2018, Sherlock Holmes, Hello Aurevoir, Zelica Films, Jason Croot
2017, English Boyfriend, Human Contact, Beddu Productions, Bella McCaty
2016, George Norton, Follow The Plan, Beddu Productions, Bella McCaty

2019, Video Game Guy, What Dreams are Made of, Ghost in The Machine.
2018, Loved Guy, Feedback, Ghost in The Machine.
2018, Salesman, Lies, Ghost in The Machine.
2017, Anxiety Demon, Lost, Ghost in The Machine.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

TV & Reality

I have been a guest on The Chrissy B Show (Sky Channel 203) a positive TV show that tackles different topics, especially mental health issues. A guest on the C5 Talk Show "The Wright Stuff," as well as being a featured guest in Aberration: Into The Unknown - a paranormal exploration show. For a full overview of acting credits please view IMDb.

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Directing & Writing ability


Post Production & Editing ability


I have written and directed on over 150 shorts, webisodes, feature films, sketches etc. Please see my IMDb for a more indepth listing of credits here. Everything on my Youtube channel is written/directed/produced & edited by myself. Please view my recommendations for an idea of what working with me is like. I am generally regarded as someone very efficient who can get the best out of people.

In addition, I spent 5 years as a comic strip writer for a local regional paper and since 2014 have had a weekly featured column on wrestling news site, "SmarkOutMoment".

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