Roger B

Roger B

London, United Kingdom


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I had a blast working with Roger. He's a highly talented and professional artist. I look forward to working with him again in the near future.

Recommended for Photography Sep 21, 2018

Roger is a creative artist. It's comfortable working with him as nude life model with a great working attitude. Also he is fun and bubbly while we were working yet with a professional attitude. I would recommend him as an artist.

Recommended for Photography Nov 24, 2015

Working with Roger was a rare but interesting experience. He has his own style, and he’s talented and focused on his paintings. He knows how to catch emotion and feelings and put it in the painting. I posed nude and I was at ease .

Recommended for Photography May 12, 2015

I was very comfortable posing nude for Roger, it was an amazing experience, but the painting didn't look like much like me because he tried a new technique. He looked after me well on the day.

Recommended for Photography Apr 3, 2015

Working with Roger was very relaxing from the start. Im a very observant model and Roger was professional and welcoming. He showed me the art work he had already created, then we sat to create our own. He has a good vision and work ethic. I had a good day and enjoyed the outcome. I will look forward to working with Roger in the future if the opportunity presents its self. You will have a fun, creative day working with this artist.

Recommended for Photography Jul 15, 2014

Roger was absolutely amazing to work with. He is an incredible artist with so much talent. Bearing in mind that it was my first time working as an art model; I was made to feel extremely comfortable, had a very enjoyable experience and will be bugging Roger again to work with me, that's how much the experience wanted to make me return and pose for another portrait with him! I can't wait to see the end product, no doubt I will be delighted with the result.

Recommended for Photography Jun 16, 2014

Roger helped me find a suitable pose which was comfortable and also tried different lighting to get my best angle. Having never done this kind of work before Roger made me feel relaxed and at ease. I would recommend working with Roger, as he is very creative and likes to experiment with art.

Recommended for Photography Feb 5, 2014

I wasn't very good at keeping still at the beginning but after a while Roger helped me to relax and was very patient with me, then I was able to sit still quite well for the pose and I was very happy with my experience working with him. The finished painting looked more like me than I do.

Recommended for Photography Jan 30, 2014

Roger was incredible to work with. He made me feel really at ease, has great conversation, and created a great working space. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone, as having a portrait of yourself painted is something everyone should try

Recommended for Photography Jan 22, 2014

I was modelling for one of Rogers portraits. He is very professional and made me feel immediately comfortable and relaxed. He put an amazing amount of work and care into the portrait and it looks great. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Recommended for Photography Jan 16, 2014

Roger is a great artist. I loved to work with him, he gave me lots of tips, he is perfect in what he does and if I had another chance to work with him in a future I would definitely do it. I will highly recommend him to anyone,

Recommended for Photography Jan 14, 2014

Roger is a true professional, gives directions very clearly and simply. Excellent communication before the meeting and he showed me his helpful positive energy technique that helped me to translate easily into our project so that I became more creative. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Music Jan 13, 2014

Very professional artist, fun guy to work with and his painting was more than brilliant. Recommended.

Recommended for Photography Jan 12, 2014

Roger is a great artist to work with, made me feel very comfortable posing nude, great sense of humor. After nine hours of hard work he finished the fantastic painting of me in green paint, highly recommended

Recommended for Photography Jan 1, 2014

I really enjoyed the portrait session. Roger really helped make me comfortable in my surroundings. I tried his positive energy technique; it got rid of all my nerves and allowed me to concentrate on the task in hand :) Highly recommended.

Recommended for Photography Dec 29, 2013

Roger is a true professional who has his own vision in art, he will help you explore yourself in order to produce good poses. He is an exceptional person who knew how to get me into a deeply creative mood. You will have a great time working with him.

Recommended for Photography Dec 7, 2013

Great to work with Roger. Fantastic painter, very professional and down to earth. Had a great day! X

Recommended for Casting Nov 22, 2013

I recommend Roger as an artist his portraits are very good!

Recommended for Photography Nov 8, 2013