Roger Bowmer

Roger Bowmer Pro

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


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Professional, easy to work with and friendly!

Recommended for Acting Apr 16, 2019

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Roger is a pleasure to work with, professional, great chemistry on-set and is very much a one take Actor - brilliant grasp of our lead character in our Feature Film. Thanks Roger!

Recommended for Acting Jun 28, 2017

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Brilliant to work with, very pleasant and able to convey a diverse range of emotions.

Recommended for Acting Dec 6, 2015

Roger is a very effective actor. He was a joy to direct, not only because of his attitude, which was calm and attentive, but because of his strong screen presence. Roger auditioned for one role, however I ended up casting him in a different but equally important role. I was very relieved that he accepted this role as he has brought something to the film that I don't think another actor could have done.

Recommended for Acting Mar 22, 2012

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Recommended for Acting Oct 29, 2017