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Victoria, Australia
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Castles in the sky demo

Original song, guitar & vocals

01Castles in the sky demo
02Diamond in the dirt demo
03Nomad demo
04Fire on the mountains demo
05Swimming in the dark demo
06whiskey in the jar cover
08Where the Wild Roses Grow
09riu riu chiu track
010Blame it on the moon cover
11Planets of the universe cover
12Latin alto sax
13Arabic rock flute
14Landslide stereo
1520,000 Leagues under the sea Atlantis
1620,000 Leagues under the sea Coal mine
1720,000 Leagues under the sea Ice cave

Physical Attributes

170 cm / 5ft 7in
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • University of New England : 3 units in Theatre
  • Canterbury Christ Church University College : BMus(hons) Music degree


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • UK English
  • UK Posh

MU - Samsara's Sing Sing - MC Glamour (ensemble) - Samsara's Soiree / Melbourne Fringe
MU - Samsara's Soirusical - MC Glamour (ensemble) - Samsara's Soiree
VO - Australia Day Awards / Tree scheme segments for 2Dry FM
TH - Private fears in public toilets - One-woman show (lead)
SF - Think About It - Raine (lead)
TH - Powercut - Bella (lead) at Short + Sweet
TH - In a Nutshell - Heather (lead) at Short + Sweet
TH - Problem Central - Freya (ensemble piece) - x 2 seasons including QLD & NSW Tour and Caloundra Fringe
TH - Just Say I Do - Charlie (lead) x 3 seasons
TH - The Inner Monologues - various roles (ensemble piece) x 3 seasons including a one act play festival
TH - The Magic Garden - storyteller - (ensemble piece, roving theatre) x 4 seasons
TH - 20,000 Leagues under the Sea - woman on dockside (minor role) x 2 Seasons
SF - A Blessing in Disguise - Orchid (lead)
TV - Toasted TV - member of house band / interviewee for medieval episode
TH - Variete - various acting roles
TH - Secrets of St Helena - Mrs Davidson / various (roving theatre)
TH - Not how Chaucer wrote it - Medieval narrator / hippie / ancient egyptian / dancer (ensemble piece) x 2 seasons inc. Brisbane Fringe
SF - Take a Bite - Witch / harp player
TH - The Haunted Forest - Vanessa the Vampire Bride (ensemble piece, roving theatre)
TH - Flavour of the Month - Marilyn (ensemble piece) at Short + Sweet
TH - It Plays to Move - weekly performances
TH - Welcome to the Room - Sara (lead) at Short + Sweet
TH - Technically Challenged - Annie (lead) at Short + Sweet
TH - Christmas in the Enchanted Castle - Queen Lucrezia (ensemble piece) x 2 seasons
TH - Excerpts from The Canterbury Tales - narrator at Abbey Medieval Festival
SF - Eight-Ball - Nis (voice role)
SF - Caught On Camera - Helen (ensemble piece)
SF - Law training film - Widow (short film)
TH - Inside Hells Gates - Sarah Simmons / Katie (lead) at Short + Sweet
TV - Friends of the Pound TVC
TV - Shifters: Evolution - medieval musician
SF - Terror On Volcanic Island - Rose (lead)
SF - Word Perfect - Emma (ensemble piece)
TH - The Ship That Never Was - Shiers (3 months)
TH - Footy Tech (rehearsed reading)
MU - What's The Big Idea - Miss B (ensemble piece)

TH = Theatre, MU = Musical, SF = short film, TV = TV episode or TVC
Plus numerous roles in student films and voiceovers for student radio

Other experience:
Simulated patient / client work for , Griffith University & University of Queensland (schools of Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Exercise physiology, Dietetics, Pharmacy, Speech Pathology and Veterinary science).
Conflict Role Play work for clients including Centrelink
Character tour guide / role player for Cat O Nine Tails (St Helena Day tour / Defenders the Past / time travellers programmes)
Theatrical tour guide, Sarah Island Tasmania
Ghost Host for Lantern Ghost Tours
Simulated patient work for Australian Medical Council

Plus voiceover for several short film and radio projects.


Guitar ability


Bass Guitar ability


Drumming ability


Keyboard ability


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Composer ability


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country

I have been playing music and singing since I was 5 years old. Experience includes:

SINGER / SONGWRITER - live gigs both as part of a duo and solo accompanying myself on guitar / keys, singing both original songs and covers. I have 4hours worth of originals and a 3hr set of covers ready to perform, ( I can also do covers sets to specific themes eg a decade, country, celestial theme

I have 7 acoustic albums recorded and am currently putting the finishing touches to my first full band demo album of original material.

I played at a number of open mic sessions around Melbourne whilst there working on a fringe show and have performed regularly around Adelaide for the past year. Most recently I have been involved in a number of Livestream concerts.

MEDIEVAL MUSICIAN - I have performed with early music ensembles for the last 16 years and currently perform with my duo 'The Court of Camelot' ( . I have played at festivals such as Abbey Tournament and Cosmeston Medieval Fayre and as an in house musician for venues such as Laugharne Castle and Tintern Abbey.

BAND / ORCHESTRAL MUSICIAN - I have played with a number of orchestras, wind bands, jazz bands and folk groups over the years, as well as in pit orchestras and stage bands for theatre shows. I am a proficient sight reader.

SOLOIST - I have performed primarily on flute and sax at a number of events including festivals, performing for circus performers, and as a soloist / part of a duet for weddings.

COMPOSER - I have written scores for several theatre and short film productions, and majored in composition, arranging and orchestration at university.

I have my own transport and instruments including recorders, flute, piccolo, alto sax, tenor sax, soprano sax, clarinet, keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Bass guitar, tenor horn, euphonium, ukulele, 12 string harp, various percussion and ethnic woodwind instruments.

More audio will be coming to this site very soon!

Film & Stage Crew

Art & Costume Design ability


Camera Crew ability


Directing & Writing ability


Lighting ability


Post Production & Editing ability


Production & Management ability


Sound Crew ability


Runner or Assistant ability


For full details (company & venues) and photos of my work, see my crewing webpage at

(Th) A passage to India (des)
(Th) The Hipster (des)
(Th) Numinous Asylum (des)
(Th) The art of lies and obfuscation (des)
(Th) The drunkards (des/op)
(Th) The woman in black (des)
(Th) Of mice and men (des)
(SF) Infinity (gaffer)
(Th) 20,000 leagues under the sea (des/op)
(Th) Murder in the dark (des/op)
(Th) Not how Chaucer wrote it (des)
(SF) Parallel (gaffer)
(Th) Christmas in the enchanted castle (des)
(Th) Just say I do (des)
(Th) The Inner Monologues (des)
(Th) Love let me out (des)
(Th) Yahweh (des)
(Da) There was nothing (des/op)
(Th) Mad Forest (des/op)
(Da) Light trails (des/op)
(Th) The Tuner plays (des)
(Th) The six wives of Timothy Leary (des)
(Th) The Beheading (des)
(Ci) Trinity (des)
(Th) The magic of Eurovision (des)
(Mu) Tahiti spectacular (des)
(Th) Jetlag (des)
(TVC) Inspirations furniture (gaffer)
(Th) Aladdin (op)
(Da) The nutcracker (relight)
(Va) Edinburgh Fringe (des/op)

(Th) The Hipster (op)
(Va) Variety show Series (op)
(SF) The fairest chance (rec/boom)
(SF) Little drops of rain (rec/boom)
(Th) The drunkards (des/op)
(Mu) Woodford Folk Festival (backline)
(Th) Minefields and miniskirts (op)
(Th) 20,000 leagues under the sea (des/op)
(SF) Bailey's last shot (rec/boom)
(Th) Welcome to the room (des)
(Th) Christmas in the enchanted castle (des)
(SF) Boxed in (rec)
(Th) The Turner plays (des)
(SF) Knowledge box (rec)
(SF) Grey days (boom)
(SF) Unknown combo (rec/boom)
(Th) Scenes from a separation (des)
(Th) The Tempest (des)
(FF) The limelight (pre prod. des)
(Va) Edinburgh Fringe (op)

Camera / Vision / Editing
(Th) Minefields and miniskirts (V des)
(SF) Think about it (E)
(Th) 20,000 leagues under the sea (V des/op)
(SF) Caught on camera (C/E)
(SF) Continental drift (C/E)
(SF) Terror on volcanic island (E)
(Da) Light trails (V des/op)
(SF) Getting even (E)

Stage Management
(Mu) Woodford Folk Festival (sm)
(Th) Not how Chaucer wrote it (sm)
(Th) 20,000 leagues under the sea (sm)
(Th) Christmas in the enchanted castle (sm)
(Th) Just Say I Do (sm)
(Th) The Inner Monologues (sm)
(Ci) Trinity (sm)
(Th) One flew over the cuckoos nest (sm)
(Mu) Young conservatorium day (sm)
(Th) Melbourne Fringe (tsm)
(Va) Alice desert festival (sm)
(Th) Mabou Mines Dollhouse (asm)
(Th) Snow white (dsm)
(Th) The women of Lockerbie (asm)
(Th) Private fears in public places (asm)
(Th) The Jungle book (asm)
(Th) Cinderella (dsm)
(Th) Limelight (sm)
(Th) 6 (sm)
(Th) Peter Pan (asm)
(Th) Fame (sm)
(Th) Bugsy malone (dsm)
(Mu) Deal festival of music and arts (sm)
(Th) My mother said I never should (sm)
(Mu) Sounds new festival (sm)
(Th) The wizard of oz (sm)

Assistant Directing / Production Dept
(SF) Crossroads (1st AD)
(SF) Think about it (1st AD)
(SF) Getting even (1st AD)
(SF) Word perfect (1st AD)
(SF) Throwing stones (Script supervisor)
(FF) Do mates come first (PM)
(TV) The Nick (Script supervisor)
(FF) Girl in the red dress (Pre prod. 1st AD)
(Va) Katherine Flying Fox Festival (PA)
(SF) Coming out? (1st AD)
(SF) Spinning on decks (1st AD)
(SF) The lie that truth said (1st AD)
(SF) Love is like (PA)
(SF) Call me Harry (PA)

Art Dept / Costume
(SF) Darkside (P des/C des)
(Th) Private Fears in Public Toilets (P des/C des)
(SF) Behind the mesh screen (P des)
(Th) The Inner Monologues (P des)
(Th) Just Say I Do (P des)
(Th) Powercut (P des)
(SF) Teal soldiers (P des)
(Th) In a nutshell (P des/C des)
(Th) 20,000 leagues under the sea (P des)
(Th) The Magic Garden (C des)
(Th) The Haunted Forest (C des)
(Th) Not how Chaucer wrote it (P des/C des)
(Th) Welcome to the room (C des)
(Th) Christmas in the enchanted castle (P des)
(Th) Problem Central (C des)
(Th) Inside Hells Gates (P des/C des)
(SF) Bufo (P des)
(Ph) Musicians photoshoot (Stylist)
(Th) Terror on volcanic island (P des)
(FF) Still waters (pre prod. Art dept)
(Th) Limelight (C des)

I have also held in-house technician positions with:
Broken Hill Civic Centre
Staging Connections (Brisbane / Auckland)
Kenderdine Electrical
Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff
The Hub, Haywards Heath
Light FX
ELS Productions
The Orange Tree Theatre, London

+ worked on over 50 student / amateur productions
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