Sara-Rose Millar

Sara-Rose Millar Pro

Victoria, Australia


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Sara-Rose was a terrific member of our short film shoot for ‘Dark Side’. Not only did she travel to Sydney all the way from Melbourne for around 14 hours of shooting, but she brought set decor and various props with her. Once the scene was dressed, Sara-Rose continued to help the crew by helping transport gear, adding a voice to creative discussions and helping execute various in-camera effects. A lovely and comforting person to have on set, I would recommend Sara-Rose to any production.

Recommended for Art & Costume Design Feb 15, 2021

Excellent, proficient, efficient and personable.

Recommended for Lighting Oct 6, 2019

Sarah took me in under her wing in the Autumn of 2011, and we've been best mates ever since. I recommend her fully. I know she'll bring the same passion for Psychology as she did for her acting.

Recommended for Acting Aug 15, 2016

Recommended for Aug 23, 2019

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