Steven Cragg

Steven Cragg Pro

Queensland, Australia


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I had the opportunity to shoot with Steven in 2021. It was a great shoot and lots of fun working with him. He has the skills and confidence of a seasoned model. Steven can pose naturally, needs very little guidance or instructions. I told him the idea and how I wished to achieve it. Steven was able to pose and hold it till the shot was complete. I loved the opportunity to work with him. I recommend Steven for any other work that he wishes to apply for in the future.

Recommended for Modelling 9:32 am

To Whom it may Concern Steven is a wonderful person and a fantastic Actor One the Best I have ever worked with. He puts in 100% in his craft. He is very Professional you will be so lucky to have Steven on your project.

Recommended for Acting 8:48 am

Steven and I have worked together on several sets. Steven is very professional, shows great understanding of the industry, follows directions well and is intuitive in the roles he plays. He is a pleasure to work with and comes with my highest recommendation for any role he is considered for!

Recommended for Extras Jan 16, 2022

Steven is an extremely professional actor. Smooth communication, flexible and a positive can-do attitude. He will be precious position in my talent directory and I can't wait to work with him again!

Recommended for Acting Dec 7, 2021

Steve is a dedicated, passionate and diligent performer, actor and musician. I have enjoyed working with him and found his ideas, willingness to try new things valuable in my project.

Recommended for Acting Dec 4, 2021

Steven showed an inventive disposition to our production that was invaluable to its progression. In a masterly fashion, he creatively danced across personalities to expose to us his talent and expertise as a voice actor and we were left highly satisfied with the person we had booked. He is a good guy, and had a penetrating presence in the audio when we listened back to it; it's clear he has a confident communication style in his utility. Thanks so much Steven for a great job!

Recommended for Acting Oct 13, 2021

StarNow Verified

Steven is professional and easy to work with on set. He is a talented actor and has a bright future ahead.

Recommended for Acting Jul 28, 2021

Professional, friendly and a great to work with co-model!

Recommended for Modelling Jun 28, 2021

Very professional, upbeat, and was a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Acting Jun 27, 2021

Professional, adaptable, friendly, patient. Steven brought several changes of clothing so he could match what his fellow actor was wearing in his featured extra/walk on part as a "Repo Guy".

Recommended for Extras Jun 27, 2021

I had the pleasure of working with Steve on the sets for a TV production. I found Steve to have excellent acting skills, total dedication to his role and exhibiting a highly professional attitude. I also found him to be friendly and enjoying working as a team. I look forward to working more with Steve in future projects.

Recommended for Acting Jun 26, 2021

Really professional, on time and efficient!

Recommended for Modelling Jun 17, 2021

Steven was an amazing person to work with. He is extremely professional and passionate about what he does and a friendly person to have on set. Steven was also happy to lend an extra hand where he could. Will 10/10 work with Steven again in the future.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 10, 2021

Steven was extremely professional, easy to work with, and takes direction so well and we got to have a few laughs along the way, id be happy to work with him again someday!

Recommended for Acting Jun 7, 2021

What can I say about Steven, I was met with the warmest smile and an absolute can-do attitude. A team player willing to go above and beyond for you to achieve quality work together. It was a real pleasure to work with him on the commercial and someone I will highly consider to work with again in the future. Brains Braun and Heart !

Recommended for Acting Jun 3, 2021

Extremely professional and driven. Very pleasant person to have on set, too. Would absolutely recommend.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 2, 2021

He is proffesional and good buddy to work with in. I had huge positive impact working with him.

Recommended for Acting Jun 1, 2021

Very professional, easy to work with and takes direction great. He was super friendly and I felt extremely comfortable throughout our shoot. Highly recommend Steven as a model and actor and would love to work with him again.

Recommended for Modelling May 31, 2021

Professional and easy to work with! Provides a lot of fun with great intention behind his work ethic

Recommended for Extras May 29, 2021

StarNow Verified

Steven was fantastic to work with. Had a great rig on him for some top of content, was the first in the cast to arrive and the last to leave. More than happy to help out beyond his original required scenes. Will definitely be booking Steven again!

Recommended for Acting May 29, 2021