Shan P

Shan P

London, United Kingdom


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Professional and great to work with!

Recommended for Casting May 17, 2021

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Awesome director, gave clear instructions, kept atmosphere on set fun and light hearted, but professional. The end result was amazing.

Recommended for Writing or Directing May 28, 2020

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Very detailed instructions and easy to understand what Shan was after in project. Looking forward to the final outcome. Would work with again.

Recommended for Acting May 28, 2020

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Joshua Very professional and quick to respond! Great to work with

Recommended for Casting May 18, 2020

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Very professional easy to work with.

Recommended for Writing or Directing May 9, 2020

Great communication! looking forward to future projects.

Recommended for Casting May 3, 2020

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He has a great understanding of what is needed for project.

Recommended for Casting May 2, 2020

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Very reliable, great communication skills! Highly recommend :)

Recommended for Casting Apr 30, 2020

Very professional and friendly guy , enjoyed working with him , highly recommended

Recommended for Casting Apr 25, 2020

A very gracious director who gives clear and detailed instructions for what is required. I would hope to work with Shan again one day.

Recommended for Casting Apr 22, 2020

Very helpful indeed

Recommended for Casting Apr 21, 2020

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Very professional and friendly. Great talented music video producer. Super finished product. Payment made as agreed.

Recommended for Production Management Apr 21, 2020

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Creative and innovative, a true professional.

Recommended for Casting Aug 4, 2019

I worked with Shan on a music video project and from the offset he was very clear with his vision and communication which made him really easy to get on with throughout the day. Professional in his approach to the artist, extras and his team, Shan was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely work with him again in the future

Recommended for Writing or Directing Jul 28, 2019

It is hard to do Shan justice with just a few simple words but he truly is incredible in everything he does. Beyond his film work he just has this amazing energy and charisma about him that inspires everyone around him, he truly is one of those people with a golden touch

Recommended for Casting Apr 14, 2017

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Thanks for the follow. Do return the recommendation. Thanks!

Recommended for Acting Feb 11, 2017

Knew exactly what he wanted!

Recommended for Casting Oct 5, 2014

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This Man Is a Great Film Producer! Use him?

Recommended for Casting Aug 10, 2014

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Shan was really encouraging, positive and professional as a director-a very positive experience

Recommended for Dancing Aug 3, 2014

Shan is lovely to work with and I hope to do so again! He was very welcoming and encouraging at the audition and on set. Thank you.

Recommended for Casting Aug 1, 2014