Simon Rhys-Jones

Actor, Extra, Singer, TV Presenter, Radio Presenter

London, United Kingdom
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Simon Rhys-Jones Voicereel mp3

My voicereel which includes: RP, Welsh, Australian, Cockney (London), Naration,

01Simon Rhys-Jones Voicereel mp3

Physical Attributes

172 cm / 5ft 8in
75 kg / 165 lbs
White / Caucasian
99 cm / 39 in
Skin color:
86 cm / 34 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • University of Suffolk (Suffolk College) : Performing Arts Graduate


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA New York
  • Russian

Union memberships
  • Equity

2014 Cyclist “What Happens After” (Short Film, Ftv/Brunel University, - Dir Chris Dundon)
2014 Emmin “Three Days in Time” (Student Film – Dir Graham Bradshaw)
2012 Pimp (Double) “Les Miserables” (Feature Film/Working Title Films - Dir Tom Hooper)
2012 News Reporter “Suffering in Silence” (Feature Film/Ipode Productions - Dir Paride Odierna/Ciarra Nevitt)
2012 Harry “The Last Judgement” (Student Film - Dir Garion Vincent)
2010 Henchman “The Night the Reindeer Died” (Short Film - Dir Nick Acott)

2015 Government Official “Conspiracies: Alien Cover Up” (CH5 – Dir Pete Stein)
2015 Window Cleaner “Secret Skeletons” (True North – Dir Kenny Scott)
2015 Det Insp Geoff Foxall “The John Childs Story” (40 Partners – Dir T.Perrin Sledge)
2012 Maslenikov “The Man Who Stopped WW3” (Bedlam Productions – Dir Nick Green)
2012 Reporter “The Politician’s Husband” (Daylight Productions – Dir Simon Cellan Jones)
2011 Tony “That’s English! The Street” (EFStv and Highwood Productions - Dir Benjamin Field)
2011 Various Roles “That's English!” (EFStv and Highwood Productions - Dir Benjamin Field)

2015-16 Pendragon “Jack and the Beanstalk” (Groundlings Theatre, Portsmouth, Dir – Richard Stride)
2015 Judge “Festival of Christmas” (Groundlings Theatre Group, Dir – Richard Stride)
2014-15 Lion/Wicked Witch/Wizard “The Wizard of Oz Pantomime Tour” (Tickled Pink Productions, Dir - Laura Pickett)
2014 Narrator/Big Lorry/Prof Hertz van Rental “Cat Ninelives in Deepest Trubble” (Walking Forward Productions, Dir – Gavin Payne) T.I.E.
2013-14 Abanaza “Aladdin Pantomime Tour” (Tickled Pink Productions, Dir - Laura Pickett)
2013 Johnny Diamond “Juke Box Jive Tour” (Tickled Pink Productions, Dir - Laura Pickett)
2013 James Rodgers “Wonderful West End Tour” (Tickled Pink Productions, Dir - Laura Pickett)
2012 Noel “Christmas Spectacular Tour” (Tickled Pink Productions, Dir - Laura Pickett)

2015 Family Man “Jawbone Up3” (Universal TV & Media, Dir David Daji)
2014 Husband "Packmate" Wagon Films (Dir - Carlton Wells)
2014 Villain “The Good, The Bad & The Hungry” (Elevate, Dir - Matt Beverage)
2014 Interviewee “Holiday Inn Express-Made Simple” (Hill & Knowlton Strategies, Dir - John Gutierrez)
2014 Mark “Inland Homes” (WebVideos Ltd, Dir - Tai Campbell)
2013 Patient “Pro Pulse Ear Irrigation System” (Nutmeg Productions, Dir – Harry Chambers)
2012 Football Coach “Irwin Mitchel” (Great Guns Productions, Dir – Daniel Rosenfield)
2011 Jewson Jack “Jewson 175 Years” (The Gate Productions, Dir - Dave Mills, Sky TV)
2010 Actor “Riva Bingo” (Pace Media, Dir – Joe Morris, Regional TV)

Music Video
2015 1940’s Movie Director “The Rockabellas – Ladies & Gentlemen” (Cinephonics, Dir Jon Wayre)
2012 Pop Programme Presenter “Stash - Give me a Sign” (After Dark Productions, Dir Dario Attanasio/Dominik Danielewicz)
2011 Jezza Kayle “Uke'sNotDead – Jeremy Kyle” (Mart Films, Dir Ben Mart)

2015 Voice Over “Cystic Fibrosis MOMENTUM” (Nitrogen Group, Dir - Martin Gaul)
2014 Voice Over “” (Fablez, Dir – Matt Cook)
2013 Narrator “Batman – Year One” (Ravensbourne, Dir – Dan Henassy)
2012 Stephanie’s Lover “Summer in the City” (Narration, Dir - Kojo Black)
2012 Lee & Edmond – BAML “Over the Line” (Corporate stills/voiceover, Dir - Richard Stannard)

2015 Dad Dancer “Thorpe Park – Island Beats” (Taylor herring, Dir - Iain Armstrong)
2014 Referee “William Lawson Whiskey #NORULES Highlights” (Nonsense Productions, Dir – Rob Molsey)
2014 Steve Starkey “Barley Hospital Radio” (UCL Film Society, Dir - Mark Janes)

2016 John (Senior Sales Exec) “Suzuki E-Learning films” (Mobedia, Dir – Gary Bannister-Simm)
2015 Store Manager “Tesco Clubcard” (Knice Creative, Dir – Ady LaRoux)
2014 Ken “NHS – Management Training Films” (Nutmeg Productions, Dir – Harry Chambers)
2014 Joe “ Reservations Training” (BenjaminTaylor Films, Dir – Ben Simpson)
2012 John


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie

Influences: Neil Diamond, Coldplay, Suede, Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls

I have experience performing on the UK cabaret circuit, touring as part of a Vocal Duo. I also performed as male vocalist in a 10 piece Function Band. My vocal range suits a Pop/Rock genre.


  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA New York
  • Russian

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