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Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
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Victoria's Legacy - Instrumental

Me trying to be Hans Zimmer......cough

01Victoria's Legacy - Instrumental
02The Music Box
03DRIVE 77 - Instrumental
04Love Like Blood

Physical Attributes

182 cm / 6ft 0in
100 kg / 220 lbs
White / Caucasian
111 cm / 44 in
Skin color:
91 cm / 36 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • The Young Ones - Armed & Stupid IMDb :


Guitar ability


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Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


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Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Electronic
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country

Influences: David Bowie, Jim Hendrix, Nin,

Si Rollinson is multi instrumentalist,composer and teacher from the UK. He has composed and recorded countless tracks encompassing a multitude of styles over the last 20 years and passed on his knowledge to over 1000 students.

His first love will always be the guitar. Ever since he first heard the music of Dire Straits and George Benson, he knew that this was the path his life should take.

"My weekends from the age of 3 were spent staying at my Grandmothers house. As a treat my parents would buy me a cassette from a local record store so I could have something to occupy my mind ( or give my Grandmother a rest from me ). That's when I first heard "Telegraph Road" by Dire Straits and "Stormy Weather" by George Benson. I didn't take my headphones off all weekend. Hearing those amazing sounds just instantly made me a music addict and I knew I had to do whatever was necessary to be just like them. ".
His father then purchased a cheap classical guitar and gave it to a very eager young boy.
"I didnt put it down. I would just sit and try and pick out songs on the t.v. or radio. It became my best friend."
Years passed and his musical ability went from strength to strength. Passing top grades for both music theory and guitar.Teaching guitar and playing in some amazing (and not so amazing) bands and projects, whilst constantly coming up with musical ideas that he recorded onto his trusty Tascam Portastudio.
His love of recording blossomed into what now has become one of his main areas. Receiving commissions for music and soundscapes within multimedia companies. And his trusty portastudio has developed into an amazing recording studio based around a Tascam DM-4800 mixing console, recording into an 16 core 64gb PC system running Cubase with a multitude of vst synths and effects.
"I am a complete geek at heart. So sitting and messing around with Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 and Superior Drummer 3 for a couple of hours is just perfect. I like to make a vamp, switch on my (Fractal Audio) Axe FX2 XL+, plugin my Les Paul and lose myself."
" I feel blessed for what life has given me but also excited to see where this path I chose at an early age will lead me. Its never about the destination. Its all about the journey. "

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