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London, United Kingdom
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My family, bubble or household

My girlfriend Zoe (43) and flatmate Lucy (32).

Zoe (43)
Lucy (32)

Intro to Camera

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Voiceover recording

01Voiceover recording

Physical Attributes

173 cm / 5ft 8in
62 kg / 136 lbs
96 cm / 38 in
Skin color:
79 cm / 31 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • [26/06] "Lin", written by Keliang Liu : Qin
  • [19/06] "731" music video by Spectral Darkwave : Evil boss
  • [15/10] "Three Couples Freed", written by Geoff Pheasant : Jack
  • [11/10] "Valentines in Hertford", written by Mike Curtis : Warren
  • [01/03] "The Promotion", written by Nick Jennings : Nigel
  • [28/01] TV commercial for Billy Graham Association : Upset employee
  • [02/12] "Media Circus", produced by Maria Negoescu : Steve
  • [02/11] "End Credits", directed by Steven Santa Cruz : Phu
  • [13/07] South Western Railway TV commercial : Tuba player
  • [07/07] "House of the Laughing Cuckoo Clocks", directed by Michael Fenton Crenshaw : David
  • [11/06] "Conflicts of Interest" business training video for Novartis : Jun - employee
  • [28/05] "Bar Watch", directed by Jack Smith : Joel
  • [18/05] "Off The Coast", directed by James Hastings : Cellist [part of trio, played Bach's "March in G"]
  • [12/05] "Film #5", directed by Tapani Vuorenpää : Arthur
  • [11/05] "Date", directed by Ashlynn Phillip Williams : Captain Stanton
  • [30/04] "Lovetistic", directed by Eden Limchawalit-Smith : Mr. Limchawalit
  • [27/04] "Midlife Thoughts", directed by Robinson Ditandy-Lecomte : The Artist
  • [24/04] "The Last Night", directed by Rebekar Oluyadi : The Boss
  • [04/04] "Musical Chairs", directed by Doyin Amodu : Vincent
  • [31/03] "I only came to use the phone", directed by Lewis Adams : Doctor
  • [26/03] [27/03] "Bureau of Vital Statistics", directed by Chloe Green : Nester
  • [16/03] [17/03] [18/03] "Duat", directed by Jack Smith : Matt
  • [09/03] "Rambling Randy", directed by Federico Belloli : Nigel
  • [24/02] "Dinner", directed by Steven Sinimeri : Gareth
  • [19/02] [02/03] [03/03] [06/04] "The Grand Silence", produced by Isabelle Simmons : Albert
  • [03/02] "The Greatest Dancer" by Thames/Fremantle, episode 6 : Cellist for Ellie Fergusson's VT (winner of the show)
  • [29/01] "Press 1 for Redemption", directed by Max Ward : Call centre worker
  • [26/01] "Splitting Up", Aviva social media advert, directed by Connor Wan : Husband
  • [15/12] "12 Killers", sizzle reel, a Wildseeds Studios production : DJ Kourima
  • [03/12] Promo video for tech company's AI product, directed by Sam Camilleri : Startup founder
  • [30/11] "Fall", short film directed by Bradley Davies : Boyfriend
  • [16/07] "Hidden Treasure" - Raiders of the Lost Past, directed by Ben Schwartz : Vietnamese interrogator


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • French
  • Cantonese

  • UK English

Spotlight ID: 2610-1278-8433

2019: "Film making: intensive" course at the City Literary Institute ("City Lit").
2018: "Acting for fun" course at the City Lit.
2010: "The Total Actor" course at the City Lit.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

Universal Extras

[14/03] "The Power", based on the novel by Naomi Alderman
[02/02] "Take One Before You Leave", produced by Danny Fowler : person in lift

* 2019
[07/12] "Don't Water The Vine", produced by Will Edwick : business client
[17/09] Stock video shoot with Iain Campbell
[27/08] "Quiz" : audience member
[22/08] TUC Promo
[23/07] [31/07] [01/08] [03/09] "Enola Holmes" : working class citizen
[02/07] "The Starry Night", directed by Cyrus Nezami : neighbour
[22/06] "Angrezi Medium", directed by Homi Adajania : casino gambler
[20/06] Photo campaign for Ignite CBD oil : commuter
[10/06] "The Fidget", directed by Laurence Storey : Alpha Male
[03/06] Online campaign shoot for Bee Midtown : Lifestyle shoot
[01/06] Music video for "Sweatshop" by Yur Mum : game show contestant
[03/04] "Delirium", directed by Katie Mackenzie : Male nurse
[30/03] "Audrey and the Rocket" : Doctor
[30/03] "Your Reality", directed by Top Tarasin : Barista's assistant; bar patron
[25/03] "Pagalpanti", feature film : Marketplace shopper
[23/03] "How to Bury Your Sins", directed by Monika Reich : Annoyed commuter
[26/02] "Queen of Diamonds", short film by Naeem Mahmood : Poker player
[25/02] Commercial for Guinness : Pub patron
[18/02] Music video for "Noticing Me Now" by Yizzy : Doctor
[17/02] "Love Sarah", feature film : Businessman in a meeting
[12/02] [13/02] "Rocketman", feature film : Gig punter
[03/02] "Toy Box Killers", feature film directed by Mark Denham : Reporter
[22/01] "The Courtroom", demo for docudrama pitch to BBC : Spectator, prisoner
[21/01] Music video for "Oblivion" by Rooftop Residents : Attacker in the park
[20/01] Music video for "Whisky" by Tokyo Taboo : Steampunk dancer with octopus plush toy
[13/01] Video game trailer for "Pandemic" : Scientist's assistant

* 2018
[16/12] Music video for "The Trigger" by Mortimer Jackson : Man on phone
[12/12] "The Love Myth" (working title) : Customer in a bar
[10/12] "Ghost", feature film : Hospital worker
[01/12] [02/12] "Sempre", demo directed by Aletha Shepherd : Mafia member
[26/11] Music video "Slingshot" by Lessless : Dance floor extra at a swanky bar
[18/11] [23/11] "Indulgence", feature film directed by Sergio Fabio Ferrari : Magazine office worker / book launch attendee
[13/10] "Post-Apocalyptic Job Centre", directed by Liam Abbott : Claimant 7
[25/08] "Tuesdays and Fridays", casting by Naila Mughal Bollywood Castings : Airline customer with suitcase
[18/08] Music video "They don't care about us" by Michael Jackson, covered by The Red Paintings : 1 of 8 'corporate suits'
[14/08] Music video "Wages" by Bad Sounds : Customer enjoying a meal

* 2013
[05/05] "Interrogation" by Static Airwaves Productions : Photographed as Mr. Sun, the victim of a gun murder

* 2012
[18/12] Coca-Cola "Happiness Creator" : 'Snake builder' in a team
[30/09] Corporate video for BoomMedia Networks : Customer chatting on a mobile phone

* 2011
[02/10] "Sweeten the Deal" by Divine Chocolates, (dir. Maria Vouza) : Part of the crowd


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling agent

Models Plus


Guitar ability


Drumming ability


Keyboard ability


Composer ability


Producer ability


Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Electronic
  • Classical

Influences: Oasis, Blur, The Prodigy, Green Day, Muse, Metallica, The Beatles, Pet Shop Boys, Radiohead, Chemical Brothers

I have been playing piano since 1993, drums since 2012, and the tenor saxophone since 2013. I also have basic skills in bass guitar, flute, and cello.

I can read standard music notation, guitar/bass tablature, and drum tablature.

TV & Reality

[03/02] "The Greatest Dancer" by Thames/Fremantle, episode 6 : Cellist for Ellie Fergusson's VT (winner of the show)

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Directing & Writing ability


Sound Crew ability


* 2021
[28/06] "Mezura AI" iPhone app commercial - short recordist
[04-06/06] "wishful", short film - writer, producer, DOP, director, editor
[29/05] "The Noise" by Tireni Dada, short film - DOP
[05/05] "We Are Meant To Be" by Fatima Isse, short film - DOP
[24/04] "Max and Max" by Christopher Ita, short film - sound recordist

* 2020
[14/12] "fumble", short film - writer, producer, DOP, director, editor
[12/12] "Vauxhall Bridge" by Yanina Hope, short film - sound recordist
[29/11] Started on "Masters & Vices" by Gregory Mallard [currently still in production], feature film - DOP, director
[17/11] "Waiting in for Santa Claus" by Stuart Carr, music video - producer, DOP, director, editor
[25/10] "Ginette", short film - writer, producer, DOP, director, editor
[28/08] Edited remix music video "Hungama" by Asha J, featuring SilverFinger Singh
[13/04] Started a showreel for Imarn Ayton, although not completed due to pandemic

[23/12] Created a showreel for Vicky K Rai - DOP, editor
[13-22/10] "Enchanted - The Burlesque Tale", event and BTS - DOP, editor (producer - Suzanna Molnar, Motion Mill)
[22/09] "Reves Bizarres", music video - DOP, editor (producer - Richard Hayward)
[07/09] AcroYoga & Bach, performance - DOP, editor (producer Eugene Butcher)
[25/08] "Equality Form", short sketch - DOP, director (producer - Persia Castellani, Cut Loose London)
[25/08] "Bench", short sketch - writer, DOP, director, editor (producer - Persia Castellani, Cut Loose London)
[25/08] "Date", short sketch - DOP, director (producer - Persia Castellani, Cut Loose London)
[18/08] Eleonora Damizia sings the Italian anthem at Brands Hatch, event - DOP, editor
[04/08] "Yoga", short sketch - DOP, director, editor (producer - Persia Castellani, Cut Loose London)

Jan-Apr 2019: "Film making: intensive" at the City Literary Institute. 40-hour course, learning all the basics of film making:
* producing and casting
* directing, filming, lighting and sound
* storyboarding and creating camera plans
* editing

06.11.2011: I worked as a stills photographer on the set of the production "Rose, Mary & Time", the production manager being Alessandra Araujo.

Summer, 2003: I helped the film director Nasim Abassi during auditioning stage of his feature film "The Winter Sun is a Lie" over the course of several weeks.


Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)

Photography website


I started photography in 2006, and have been widely published since that time. I have worked alongside make-up artists, hair stylists, and have also assisted many photographers on fashion shoots. In 2010 & 2011, I was part of a team that ran events for photographers to help them develop their portfolios.

I use and own Nikon & Fujifilm equipment and Bowens lighting gear. I don't generally do studio work, but I do have my own home studio set-up which consists of a backdrop holder and a roll of smoke grey paper (other colours would be bought on demand of course). I prefer location photography.


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

  • English
  • French
  • Cantonese

  • UK English

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