Stevie Lawrence Jr

Actor, Extra, Model, Musician, Dancer, Film & Stage Crew

Manchester, United Kingdom
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Will Power - Official Trailer

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The European

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The European

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The Story Collector

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W P Funeral Scene

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Physical Details

180 cm / 5ft 11in
Eye color:
41 kg / 90 lbs
Hair color:
White / Caucasian
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:
81 cm / 32in


  • ACT 4 TV - : Professional Brush Up Course
  • Chadwick Modeling Agency : Modeling For Fashion Parades TV Commercials
  • Faces Management : I Was A Theatrical Agent
  • Billy North Promotions : Modeling For Fashion Parades TV Commercials
  • John Dommett Film & TV School - Ex Young Doctors Soap Star and Film Star : Film & TV Actors Course


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • UK English
  • USA California


Stage: Ten Bob Child – Lead Actor. - Directed and Written by John Bennett

TV: Under the Shade of a Coolabah Tree – Part of the Sheep Shearer -Japanese Drama Documentary with an audience of 45,000,000 Japanese viewers - I was very big in JAPAN - but not Australia ))) Leading Actor.- Produced by Japans National Broadcaster NHK - Directed by Shoichiro Sasaki.

Presenter : Kings Kitchen - Channel 7 Cooking Program


21/04/.2011 'Home Leave', Short Film, Part of Terry The Homeless Drunk, Funny - But Real, Directed By Brian Lynch ( Show Real )

26/04/20011 'Adverse Reaction', Short Film, Role reversal film from Chief Medic to Test Subject, Drama, Directed by Mike Scantlebury, ( Show Real )

07/05/2011 'Performance Poets' My presentation of 3 of a Salford writers, Jane Lomas's well known poems including one specially written for the day. ( Man - A weapon of destruction, The world famous Miss heroin & In the valley ) - Directed by Mike Scantlebury - Also a personality review from myself for the Clifton Country Park re opening of the Irwell Sculpture Trail for thier web site and radio presentation ( Show Real )

10/05/2011 - 'The European' Spy Thriller & The Part of the Criminal Ring Leader, Malcome Ludlow - Short Film Series - Apollo Lake Pictures , A Daniel Johnstone Production. Very good director ( Show Real With Russion Dialogue)

11/05/2011 - 'Victim' - Short Film - Character acting as a homeless person - Director Layla Mottaghi ( Was nearly arrested for loitering after a complaint from the florist shop - They thought I was real ) ( Show Real )

16/05/2011 'Priceless - short drama' Part Roger Hacket ( Lead Role ) , Danny Divito type hustler, one of the two brothers who Inherited 'The Heath House' a huge mansion in Upper Tean - Director Sam Rainey - Dark Wolf Productions ( Show real never sent )

29/05/2011 Performance Poets for the re opening of Ordsall Hall, a Tudor mansion in the middle of industrial space and a modern housing estate to celebrate the re-opening of the building after a massive refurbishment. Directed by Mike Scantlebury ( Show Real )

21/05/2011 - 14 07/2011 'Con-Tain-Ment', 30 Min Short Film about Bio Terrorism, Lead Role of Jacob a Paranoid Schizophrenic, Director Ricky Wong (Show Real, Festival Submission Rules, Premiers Soon )

24/06/2011 'The Stalker' Part 2 Short film - Double Role - 'The Stalker & The Homeless Cynical Drunk' - Director Aaron Rooms ( Show real )

07/07/2011 - No Through Road Soap Series - Playing Frank - Director Dean Graham - PAKD Productions 3 episodes of the 6 .

14/08/2011 'Will Power', Comedy /Drama / Musical , Zero Facility Films, Part of Mr Bee's, A Solicitor who sings acts and does a dance routine . Screenplay & Directed by Tim Limon ( Show real - Festival Submission Rules, Premiers July 2012 Approx ) 40 minute short, Quite a sizable role

24/10/2011 'Eluding Dystopia', Lead Actor In a short silent film, Viva La Freako Productions, Director Lee Anthony Reilly, This was a real character piece and meant to be a silent film, so the challenge of doing something that's different was the basis that attracted me to this role aside of the fact that Lee is a very good director.

26/10/2011 - 'Who Stole Christmas' Short Film: Leading Actor - The Evil Grinch - Director Daniel Openshaw - Paper Street Productions


15/04/2012 48hr Sci Fi Film Challenge, Hugawookie Films, Director Alistair Hughes, Role of Hector, an earth surviver who leads the pack .

24/06/2012 'The Story Collector' Lead role of Psychologist Richard Stillman - Director Jordan Strange

2013 Forward

24/07/2014 'The Last Meal' Lead role of a cannibal serial killer - Award wining Director - James Tywman


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Full-time model - paid commercial work


Commercials – Hause Bilas – Men’s Wear – Lead Actor Model
Streets Ice Cream commercial - Speaking Role
Numerous Fashion Parades
Model Agents – Chadwick Models Sydney - Buckingham Management – Brisbane
Billy North Brisbane


15-16/07/2011 Plus Net Broadband TV Commercial
24/09/2011 Reed TV Competition Commercial - Fresh Cut Films - Corporate Director - Speaking Part - Show real upon request


Percussion ability


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Classical

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Jazz

Influences: Harry Connick Jr, Barbara Striesand, Luther Van Ross, Frank Sinatra, Pavoroti, Inxs, Marvyn Gaye, Take That, Innocence, Mahatten Transfer, Pink, Aretha, Ella Fitzgerald, Vince Jones, Grace Night.

The World Renowned - 'Tambourine Man'

Singing - Harry Connick Junior style and jazz stuff but can do pop and a really good Louis Armstrong style rip off and can impersonate a lot off singers.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballroom
  • Contemporary
  • Disco
  • Jazz



Dynamic player In fact the best in the world

Countless Club Performances, Street Party's where I was employed as a crowd motivator and placed on dance floors in amongst patrons and often on podiums or stage depending on the club scenario. Its a very unique act and I am the only one in the world I believe who does this to the excellent level of its radiant and very colorful persona.

I combine it with showman ship to create a dynamic routine that patrons of clubs used to cue up to see if used by the club on a regular basis - I have placed many a club, on the map and help make millions for club owners .

I can play the tambourine to anything that has a rhythm and adapt to many styles and unless you have seen 'The Tambourine Man' in action, you just wouldn't believe what I can do with such a simple instrument and the things that nobody else has ever done. I can beat it like a drum , I can make it whistle, I can throw it and catch it , I can vary the tone, the volume and its expression . I can give it sounds you have never heard. Nobody to date has ever repeated it, but then there is only one ' Tambourine Man'

I will do clubs , street party's and events, commercials and gigs any promotional work at all.

You can place me in any crowd and before long the crowds will gather or just enjoy . It usually doesn't take long for the press and media to arrive. Smart operators actually organise it. Its a real life celebrity appearance thing and I have been filmed, captured and interviewed by many.

I play, dance and perform really well to beats like this which is typical club dance music but basically anything at all with a rhythm and I can adapt to all rhythms.

I haven't brought 'The Tambourine Man' out for many years now as a result over saturation at the time, however its now time for a re launch of this dynamic alter ego and will be working on up to date show real's of this persona as it is really something that has to be seen to understand its powerful magic.
Its all action and now we are getting the rhythm. That bits easy.


Film & Stage Crew

Theatrical Agent, Faces Management
1985 – 19 87

Marketing of the company to the entertainment industry
Management of Actors, Dancers , Personalities, Models Extras Etc
Creating Portfolios, Organising Photo Shoots, Compiling Presentation of Talent
Arranging Auditions for Casting Agents, Grundy’s Crawford’s Australia Etc
Field work on new movies chat shows etc
Liaising with Directors/Producers.

Celebrity's Represented

Babett Stevens - Ena Harwood - ( Beauty & The Beast, Bribane talk show )

Bernard King - ( The original Guru of home cooking shows , Way before Margaret Fulton - The extremely evil & nasty controversial talent show star in productions such as Pot Of Gold - The Gong Show ) The egotisitical , insulting and demanding talent show judge who was great for FREE lunch.

Tony Alvaris - Young Doctors - Evita - etc

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