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Actor, Extra, Model, TV Presenter, Radio Presenter

Warwickshire, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

172 cm / 5ft 8in
111 cm / 44 in
120 kg / 264 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
over 119 cm / 47 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Afterlife 2 - Netflix Series : Roxy’s Client
  • Hangman 2 - Feature Film : Police Officer
  • No Salvation - Feature Film : Seth - Lead Villain
  • Get Even - BBC TV Series : School Teacher
  • Doctors - BBC TV Series : Prisoner
  • This Country - BBC Comedy Series : Funeral/wake Family member
  • Get Even - BBC TV Series : Parent
  • 12 Week Health Kick Campaign - Documentary - Salter : Lead Role
  • Cobra - TV Series : Refugee
  • Holby City - TV Soap Series : AAU Patient
  • Hollyoaks - TV Soap Series : Thug
  • Giri/Haji - BBC Netflix TV Series : Passerby
  • Doctors - BBC - TV Series : Patient
  • No Salvation - Feature Film Trailer : Seth - Lead Villian
  • Full Moon - TV Series - Pilot Episode : Prison Inmate - Sharpie Gang
  • Jessie Buckley - Music Video : Club Patron
  • William Hill - TV Commercial : Ringside Photographer
  • Jungle Cry - Bollywood Feature Film : Supporting Artist - Plane Passenger
  • Square Space - Commercial : Supporting Artist - Ringside Photographer
  • On The Tools - Internet : Lead Role - City Plumming Branch Manager
  • Gatorade - TV Commercial : Supporting Artist - Football Fan
  • We Buy Any Car - TV Commercial : Supporting Artist - Stall Holder
  • Password - Bollywood Feature Film : Featured Role - Russian Mafia Crime Boss
  • Charity Awarness Video : Supporting Artist - Bus passenger
  • No Code - TV Series : Janitor
  • Lasher Tools Video - On The Tools : Featured Role, Construction Worker
  • Are You Watching Closely - Feature Film : PC Connolly
  • Music Video - Dizzee Rascal : Van Corpse
  • Music Video - Lewis Capaldi : Club Manager
  • ITV “Autopsy- The last hours of......” : Jay Gagerman
  • Sixt Car Hire TV Commercial : Sparky
  • Vodafone TV Commercial : Press Photographer
  • Nike TV Commercial : Security Guard
  • A Cold Grave - Film : Lead Role - Frank Connolly - Gangster
  • Bill Buys The Pub : Lead Role - Landlord - speaking role
  • Endurance Doors Commercial : Window Cleaner: Featured Part
  • Case Files : PC Gareth Carlton - Speaking Role
  • NatWest TV Commercial : Supporting Artist
  • Cole - Short Film : Torture Victim
  • Music Video - Lester Clayton : Pub Landlord
  • Music Video - Cloudy & AJ GlinXchy : Lead Role
  • American Assassin - Feature Film : Supporting Artist - Market Trader
  • Cain Hill - Film : Extra - pub customer
  • Redcon 1 - Feature Film : Bodyguard - speaking role
  • Team Film It - Comedy Sketch : Pub Landord - speaking role
  • Redcon 1 - Feature Film : Survivor - Speaking Role
  • Case Files - TV Series : Extra - Zombie
  • The Final Score - Feature Film : Football Fan sitting directly in front of Pierce Brosnan
  • Creative Arts - Pinewood Studios : Model for an SFX make up Course
  • The Auteurs - Comedy Feature Film : Speaking Role
  • Rocks & Co - TV Commercial : Extra, non speaking part
  • Hangman - Feature Film : Supporting Actor


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

October 2017 - A Cold Grave - Film. Lead Role - Frank Connolly, Speaking Role. I played a retired Gangster who was asked to come on one last job. Great script with a good twist to the storyline.
August 2017 - Team Film It - Bill Buys The Pub - Comedy Film. I played one of the lead roles who owns a pub who then sells it to Bill. Bill soon learns how hard it is to run a pub and seeks help from Steve. Speaking Role
July 2017 - Endurance Windows Commercial. Played the featured part of a window cleaner who admires a newly installed front door. No dialogue as such just facial expressions and admiration for a new door!
June 2017 - Case Files - played the role of PC Gareth Carlton in an episode of Case Files, speaking role.
Apr 2017 - NatWest TV Commercial. Background SA walking past the lead who is getting money from a NatWest cash machine.
Mar 2017 - Short Film - Torture Victim. I play a man that has been kidnapped, is beaten up, has an axe cut through his knee and finally decapitated. Lots of prosthetics, blood and screaming! Thougherly enjoyed playing this scene.
Feb 2017 - Music Video - Another music video 3 days after my first one. This time for the band Lester Clayton. I play a pub landlord at a pub where the band are playing their latest single. The video shows the day in a life of a parcel delivery man and the types of people he meets everyday. Great fun.
Feb 2017 - Music Video - Had great fun filming a music video for upcoming artists Cloudy & AJ GlinXchy. I play a lead role of a guy at a party that gets too excited at the food and women there. No dialogue but lots of facial expressions needed.
Dec 2016 - American Assassin- Feature Film. Film staring Taylor Kitsch, Dylan O'Brian & Michael Keaton, I played a Market Trader in a big stunt scene involving guns, cars blowing up and total mayhem.
Sept 2016 - Cain Hill - Film. I played a pub customer
Sept 2016 - Redcon 1 - Feature Film. Played a bodyguard. Small speaking role
Sept 2016 - Team Film It - Comedy Sketch. I played a pub landlord unamused by two adults trying to get free drinks for Halloween Trick or Treat. Due to be released for Halloween 2016 on You Tube.
Sept 2016 - Redcon 1- Feature Film. I played 1 of 6 survivors from a Zombie Apocalypse. Speaking role.
Sept 2016 - Case Files - Tricell Films - Single Episode - played a Zombie/Kreepa
August 2016 - The Final Score - Feature Film. Directed by Scott Mann, staring Pierce Brosnan & David Bautista. I play a Russian Football fan sitting directly in front of Pierce Brosnan who during a football game is led away at gun point by David Bautista.
August 2016 - Spent the day at Pinewood Studios as a model for a SFX make up course.
August 2016 - The Auteurs - Feature Film. I played a Character Called Dave who was a neighbour that overheard a scream next door and investigates to find out what is going on. He gets the wrong end of the stick on what's really going on after making all kinds of threats. He's basically the white knight hero wanna be that gets it all wrong. Speaking Role
July 2016 - Rocks & Co - TV Commercial, This was a commercial with no dialogue for Rocks & Co's own TV channel. Due to be aired in late September. I played an airport passenger.
July 2016 - Recognition Films - Feature Film. A film called Hangman due to be released in Jan 2017. I played a police officer.

Other than that, not a great deal, I've been Father Christmas for children at a pre school for the past 4 years.
When I lived in America I did some work at a radio station making commercials and the occasional Saturday morning show (The Trading Post) where I hosted a live call in show where customers put their belongings up for sale or trade.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out


  • English

  • UK English

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