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Australian VO Sample 2021

My everyday Australian Voice sample 2021

01Australian VO Sample 2021
02Multiple Accent Samples 2021
03Which side of the road to drive?
05Pandemic Anxiety VO
06American Accent (neutral)
07Audiobook VO
08Russian (Horror Film)
09Narrator - IMDb Childrens Book
010Moreton Bay VO
11Irish (Belfast)
12UK 'Posh'

Physical Attributes

171 cm / 5ft 7in
120 kg / 264 lbs
White / Caucasian
over 119 cm / 47 in
Skin color:
over 132 cm / 52 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Ashwin Gore - TakeonLA : American Accent workshop
  • Greg Apps Webinar : Audition Technique Pilot Season
  • 'Best Supporting Actor' : Christian International Online Film Festival
  • Ben Parkinson Casting : Michelle Clancy : Commercial Casting - Gold Coast
  • Greg Apps Webinar : Casting Workshop
  • Angel Studios - Paul Day : Directors Workshops
  • Bud Hopes TV & Film Casting - Bud Hopes / Michael Bate : 'Set Secrets 3' Casting Workshop
  • Joss McWilliam / Angel Studios : 'Intensive Acting' Semesters x 2
  • Greg Apps Webinar : 'Two Reasons Why Actors Fail at Auditions'
  • Dee Wallace Master Class : Tom McSweeney Workshop
  • Christine King Casting : Audition (Film) Workshop - Amanda Mitchell
  • Joss McWilliam / Angel Studios : 'Intensive Acting' (2 x 8 week Semesters)
  • Ben Parkinson Casting : TV Commercial Casting workshop
  • Miss Jane Casting / Philip Jones, Jane Pearson : Adult Screen Acting & TV Commercial Audition Workshop
  • Bud Hopes TV & Film Casting - Bud Hopes / Michael Bate : 'Set Secrets 2' Casting Workshop
  • Burlesque Production : Selection Judge
  • 'Standardised Patient' - Casual employee : The University of Queensland
  • 'The 7 Steps to Crack Into Film & TV' Seminar : Actors and Extras Direct
  • 'Simulated Patient' Professional Development - Casual employee : Griffith University - School of Medicine
  • Showcase Management : Introduction Training
  • T.A.F.E. - Ithaca Campus : Public Speaking
  • Martial Arts Training - Multiple Disciplines including : Shaolin Kung Fu, Shorin-ryu Karate -do, Aikido, Ninjutsu
  • Extensive Firearms Training & Instructor - All calibres incl. Military; Handgun, Rifles & Shotguns : Recreational / paid employment carrying firearms (Incl. concealed). Licensed Private Inquiry Agent
  • Mature Aged Training & Employment Scheme : co-Lecturer in Video Production Techniques
  • Film Crew Experience : Various Crew Roles
  • Queensland College of Art - Griffith University : Film & video production
  • T.A.F.E. : Advanced Photography
  • C.Y.S.S. Intermediate Photography & Darkroom Skills : I was the tutor of this 6 month course
  • Freelance : Professional Photographer & cameraman 1986 - 1999


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • New Zealand
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA Southern
  • African
  • French
  • German
  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Maori
  • Mexican
  • Russian

1980 – 2003
SF The Mischievous Humber|Not quite the Leyland Brothers World|Lead, Writer/Director|QCA
First Strike |Onlooker| Jackie Chan feature | Director: Stanley Tong
Pacific School of English|Actor|Corporate video
Down the garden path|Interviewee|Docco - Griffith School of FMC
2012: FF A womans deeper journey into sex | Sally McKenzie
2014: Look at me! |Alcoholic|Emily Ogden
Life’s a Drag|Security Guard
Incarcerated [Lead] Serial Killer|Amy Lansdowne
Jin |Gangster Lieutenant 1| Univ. Canberra| Chris Crawford
2015: The Little Things|Interviewee|YouTube Anna Rozanska, London U.K.
Jesus Walks |Heart attack victim | Spinosa Films
Interviewer Promo DVDs
‘GETUP!’ TVC (HERO) |Reef Campaign|Motion Picture Company P/Ltd
Heathen|Party Goer| Siobhan Mulready|Cannes Film Festival|PixelFrame Film & TV Production Co.
Inertia |Office worker|Patrick Gatling|The Arc Production Company
aMUA | Feature Film| Apirana Ipo Te Maipi – AUS/NZ Production
MUTE |Priest-LEAD| Stephen King Submission| Jordan Wilkinson
‘Lieutenant jangles’ |Goon| Feature|Cordery FX Company|Nicolas Champeaux
Brisbane Backyard Film Festival-Interviewee
‘The Other Side of Humanity’ |Interviewee |Docco |Madeline McQueen, Kent U.K.
TV ‘The Hot Plate’ |Restaurant Patron| Network TV Reality Series – Endemol
TVC ‘Local Search’ |Farmer| Geoff McLeod – Sputnik Films
‘Simulated Patient’ | Casual - Ongoing | Griffith University School of Medicine
‘Simulated Patient’ | Casual - Ongoing | University of Qld
VO – ‘Pride Restaurant’ Promo|Ipswich
Lead / VO – ‘I Love Burritos’ (Comedy) |Barry| Anthony Simmonds
Interviewer – Autobiography DVD
Lead – Showdown |Jason| Jim Cooper – Eagle Film Productions
Lip Sync Artist – Let Me Down Easy – Official Music Video | Contortionist Studios – Adam Webb
Slave overseer 2 Music Video |Griffith FS – Tom Bellas
Office Boss – Music Video – Ali Hughes ‘Feeling Good’ | QLD School of Film & TV – Brock Barker
Assistant – DVD |The Initiative Production Company| Charis Joy Jackson
Boom / Sound - ‘The Railway Man’ (2015)
‘Shopper’ | SBS Comedy Runway | Looking Back: Dack Attack |Greg Kelly – PixelFrame Film & TV Production Company
Alfa Maschi|Feature Film (Mafia)| ‘Matter and Energy Films’ | Jeremy Rhys Hill
Carpe Liam |Father| QUT
Greymare | Caretaker | Pitch for Feature |Daniel Nelson
Red Curtain Hell| Bartender / Audience | Feature Film | Shane Anderson
VOA – Lifeline TVC | Male abuse victims | Emmet O’ Dwyer
‘Patched’ V1 (Trailer), Deputy Premier / Police Commissioner, Spida Productions, Colin Dixon
ADR ‘MUTE’ |Stephen King| Jordon Wilkinson
‘Bayview’ |Mourner | Scarlett Squire, QUT
‘Icing’ | Contestant | Monique Smith GFS
'Monster Inside' | Villain | Feature Film | Tyrone Bruinsma
TV 'Water Police' S2 E3 | Police Interviewee | TV Series - NSW & FOXTEL | Terry Turner
Martin Louis YouTube Prank Victim
'Drace illusionist Testimonial' | Jo Christiaans
'Teal Soldiers' | Patient | Carolyn Wagner - Pegasus Productions
'Gone' | Father | John Hopper | FORIAM Studios
'Craziness 2' | Ballerina | Comedy EO Productions
'Joke Teller' |Kerrin Revell - Loopy Entertainment NZ
'Hello Au Revoir' |Feature Film-Spoken|Jay Croot
Model for Band 'ROI' CD Albums| Matt Schrader
Lieutenant jangles|Feature Film|Goon|Cordery FX Company|Nicolas Champeaux
Racism |TV Docco Pilot|Faisal M
We are all Humans Music Video |Fradeli Castellano
Is it because I'm Black? |Zac van Manen
The Golden Pony |Russian Bartender/ADR|Zane Bryant
2017 :
FF Ted Bundy Had a Son |nephew |Mad Sin Cinema | Ryan Gledhill
SF My Sisters Bastard Son (lead) | Writer, Director, Producer
FF Life's Moments |segment Lead|Magic Features
SF A day in the life of an actor (lead) | Writer, Director, Producer
FF DUNAMIS|Mack Lindon|Vision Pictures
DO We Are Compassion|Documentary Interviewee|Dale Norton - Whaley Films
SF Rhubarb & Custard | DR.Mallory (+ADR) | Project Film Australia , Jaidyn Griffin
FF Babaroga|Professor Summers (Russian)|Matthew Hannon Dixon, Drive by Night Productions
FF The Pitch (Trailer)| Office Boss | Daniel Green, Jesse Richardson
SF 'The Vlog Movie'| Director / VOA | Steve Mack
FF Broken Shadow, Bounty Sheriff, Plain As Productions, Bryce Plain
TV Australian Spartan (Finals), Audience, Matchbox Eureka One, 7 Network
SF Jordans Crossing, Man in Black, Eagle Sound & Film, Jim Cooper
CO Simulated Patient for 3 Universities & Australian Medical Council
O Trailer - Magdala Rose Movie|Friar Tomas|Angel Studios
O Cinema Trailer, In Like Flynn, Russell Mulcahy, Lionsgate
VO/SF The Two Headed Dragon, Narrator, LITTLE STUDIO FILMS
FF Hobson's Choice: Martin! (Comedy), Auction Bidder, Aaron Davison
FF In Like Flynn |Boxing Enthusiast |Russell Mulcahy |Lionsgate
ACU Speech Therapy simulated Patient
SF The Snack, Editor/Post, Nick Sesh
C Hair Model
M Lifestyle Media Campaign | ICC
V Training video, Dialysis Patient, Social Working-QLD Health
CO RolePlay, Qld Law Society
MV Boss It Up (Trailer)
M Healthcare Photoshoot, Sleep care patient, GenesisCare, David Collins Photography
FF Trailer | Magdala Rose |Friar Tomas
ABC TV 'HARROW' S2 EP9 | Evacuee Patient | Hoodlum Entertainment
ABC TV 'HARROW' Series 2 Episode 10 | Patient
ABC TV & iView 'CONTENT' | 500 Year old Patient | ABC TV / Ludo Studio / shy kids (Canada)
MV No Label Necessary | Boss It Up | MadMax Character
FF Magdala Rose|Friar Tomas |Angel Studios
MV ‘Click’ | Bikie | 'EXAMPLE'
FF Lieutenant jangles BLURAY Trailer
M When the Summer Dance Ends | Senior Detective | Drive by Night Productions
MV LEAD MALE | Crashing Tomorrow 'Runaway Dream' | Crew Boss | Bad Octopi Productions
CO 'The Budgie' | Dave | Skylight Showreels | KALKI PRODUCTIONS
TV The Hundred with Andy Lee EPS 3 & 4 (Celebrity Lookalike) + Multiple Promos 1 of the 100| Nine Network Screentime Australia
Role Player - Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling website

1993 Featured in corporate presentation folder | ‘Para Security Services’
1994 Hair model for REDKEN, Canberra A.C.T.
2014 Model Photoshoot for 'Castings & Auditions'
2015 Photo shoot for QUT film 'Carpe Liam' Supporting role in 'flashback' capacity
2016 Model Photo Shoot for Nebula Agencies | Barry Roscarel
2016 Model Photo Shoot for Band 'ROI' 'August City' Album Cover(s) | Matt Schrader
2019 Media Campaign | City Council
2019 Healthcare Photoshoot | Sleep care patient | GenesisCare | David Collins Photography


15 years as a YouTube Creator and Google certified expert, over 1000 Instagram followers.

TV & Reality

2021 TV 'The Hundred with Andy Lee' (EPS 3 & 4), 1 of the 100 (featured) Nine Network | Screentime Australia
2019 : TV 'HARROW' Season 2 | Patient (Featured)| ABC TV
C Client Simulation | Law Society
TV 'CONTENT' (ABC) | Hospital Patient (Bit Part) | Ludo Studio / 'shy kids' (Canada)
Hair Model (Brisbane)
MV 'BOSS' | Mad Max Character | No Label Necessary

2015 to 2021: Simulated Patient: Australian Medical Association, Aust. Catholic University, University of Qld, Griffith University

1987 - 2019 Film Crew Experience (freelance) - Various Crew Roles

1993: Featured in corporate presentation for 'Para Security Services'.

1994: Hair model (paid) for REDKEN, Canberra A.C.T.

1998: 'Alpine' (Car Audio) Nation-Wide Cinema ad shoot - later also aired on TV

I have been a member of a few studio audiences for various stations, more recently 'Briz31 TV'.
Canberra: Featured on KICKS-FM in vocal character roles, also featured on Brisbane station 4MMM in a character role.

1998: Interviewee on the topic of a website I created, called 'Grasscam' (1st of it's kind); including 'A current Affair', 'The Sunday Mail', 'Today Tonight', 2UE, 'Mix-106.9 FM', 'ABC breakfast Radio', 'Talk Australia', 4ZZZ & others.

1998: Audience member - 'Tamara Tonight' Briz31 TV - 2 x Episodes

2012: Supplied vehicle for feature film - Credit 'Special Thanks' given 'A womans deeper journey into sex' by Sally McKenzie

2003: Featured Interviewee in Briz31 TV show 'Car Scene'.

2014: Model for 'Castings & Auditions' photoshoot

2014: Presenter - Multiple YouTube InfoVideos

2015: Interviewee in British YouTube Project - 'The Little Things' - Directed by Anna Rozanska - London U.K.

2015: ‘The Other Side of Humanity’ | Interviewee | British Documentary |Madeline McQueen, Kent U.K.

2015: Interviewer for DVD promotion of feature film

2015: 'GETUP' TVC (HERO)|Reef Campaign|Motion Picture Company Pty Ltd

2015: Interviewee - Onsite event recording - 2015 Brisbane Backyard Film Festival

2015: 'The other side of humanity' |Interviewee - British Documentary|Madeline McQueen - Kent U.K.

2015: Actor - 'Simulated Patient' program - Ongoing; Casual employee Griffith University - School of Medicine, Gold Coast QLD.

2015: Restaurant diner - 'The Hot Plate’ - |Restaurant Patron| Nine Network TV Reality Series - Endemol

2015: Broadcast TVC - 'True Local'| Featured Actor - Farmer / Produce Manager| Geoff McLeod - Sputnik Films

2015: Interviewer - Youtube / DVD

2015: Camera / Sound / Selection Panelist| Burlesque stage show

2015: Assistant - DVD Recording |The Initiative Production Company| Charis Joy Jackson

2015: Boom Swinger / Sound Recordist - 'The Railway Man' & 'Life's a Drag, Makeup, Bitches & Booze'

2015: Actor - 'Simulated Patient' program - Casual employee - University of Queensland, Brisbane

2015: Actor - Reality TV series - Working title 'Homeless' - Dean Weily - Reality Formats

2015: VOA - 'Lifeline' TVC | Male abuse victims - NSW | Emmet O' Dwyer

2015: ADR Recording / Lip sync for 'MUTE' - Short film based on Stephen King short story - Jordon Wilkinson

2015: ‘Shopper’ | SBS Comedy Runway | Looking Back: Dack Attack |Greg Kelly – PixelFrame Film & TV Production Company

2015: 'Water Police' | Supporting Actor (spoken) | TV Series Airing NSW TV & FOXTEL | Terry Turner

2016: Model 'Bikie' | CD Album Cover - Photo Shoot for Band 'ROI' | Matt Schrader

2016: 'Racism' (Working Title) |TV Docco Pilot|Interviewee|Faisal M

2016: Model for 'Nebula Agencies' photoshoot |Barry Roscarel

2006 - 2016 Youtube Videos - Ongoing | Regular Host of own Multiple YouTube Channels |Steven Mack

2016 TV Documentary |'To whom it may concern'|Interviewee| Olof Berglind - Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

2016 Documentary|'OPEN UP'|Interviewee|Jessica-Lee Solkowski

2016 TV Series (USA) |Falling Water |Belgian Ambassador |Valhalla Entertainment/Universal Cable Productions [US]

2016 'Coops de Ville' - Promotional Band Video, Laidley QLD|Featured Audience Member|Gold Coast video productions

2016 : 'Venus Envy' Music Video | HERO + VO for Intro story for video | 6 Camera studio shoot

2017 : SF 'The Vlog Movie'| Narrator | IMDb, Steve Mack

2017/18: TV Australian Spartan |Audience| Matchbox Eureka One | Seven Network

2015 - 2019 'Simulated (or Standardised) patient' national programs - ongoing casual employee since 2015 for now 3 Universities and Australian Medical Council. Live role playing various realistic scenarios in every aspects of medicine, used to train new doctors in all disciplines, and specialist upgrading towards qualifying for their degree.

2018: A Current Affair 'Tax Scam' footage


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • New Zealand
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA Southern
  • African
  • French
  • German
  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Maori
  • Mexican
  • Russian

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