Steven Sheeran

Steven Sheeran Pro

Victoria, Australia


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Talented actor, great to work with!

Recommended for Acting May 10, 2021

Stunning profile, I wish you all the best with your acting career !

Recommended for Acting Mar 24, 2017

Steve was an absolute pleasure to work with. His enthusiasm, in addition to his thoughtful creative suggestions, made working with him a breeze. Would highly recommend Steve!

Recommended for Acting Sep 7, 2016

Steven is one of the most hard working and respectful actors in Melbourne. He is generous and kind, always willing to explore new avenues to elevate the work to a new high. If you have an opportunity to work alongside him or hire him, then do yourself a favour and take that opportunity - you will not regret it!!

Recommended for Acting Oct 7, 2015

Absolutely everything you want in an actor!

Recommended for Acting Feb 18, 2015

Steven Sheeran was a terrific actor to have on set. He is very passionate about what he does and brings an excitable, pure, energetic energy to his performance. Always willing to ask questions about his character to give you his best performance on set. He is a committed and positive actor. I was very pleased with his performance on my film and I strongly recommend Steve. Klayton Stainer – Director KAS Creations

Recommended for Acting Sep 18, 2011

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Steven is a real professional freelancer. He has great skill in learning lines very quickly, while also being able to take on any character with finesse. Fantastic comedic timing and a nice guy. Use him on your next shoot and you won't be disappointed!

Recommended for Acting Feb 13, 2011

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Recommended for Acting Jul 28, 2017

Recommended for Acting Dec 23, 2016

Recommended for Acting Jun 25, 2014