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I worked as a model for a Getty image photoshoot with Roy. Roy is extremely professional and friendly he made the day extremely enjoyable I highly recommend. Lou :)

Recommended for Photography Apr 1, 2021

Captures exactly what I am looking for! Has a golden eye for great shots!

Recommended for Photography Feb 11, 2021

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Have worked with Roy before! Very easy to work with, professional and talented!

Recommended for Photography Feb 7, 2021

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Just finished a shoot with Roy! It was hammering it down with rain, but we both were committed to get the photoshoot done, he had great ideas. And we fulfilled our sports theme, great friendly guy. I highly recommend Roy!

Recommended for Photography Oct 21, 2020

Roy knows how to direct and bring out the best in people in front of the camera. He made me feel so comfortable whilst creating a video in which he not only gave me directions but filmed and then edited himself. Very talented, fast and easy to work with. Definitely recommend him and will be working again in the future.

Recommended for Production Management May 12, 2020

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Lovely to work with. Really Professional and good directions was given. I highly recommend Roy.

Recommended for Photography Mar 12, 2020

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Loved shooting with Roy! He made me feel very comfortable from arrival to when I left! Was very patient with me and it was a Quick turn around for the prints! Definitely recommend!

Recommended for Photography Mar 11, 2020

Had the privilege of working with Roy last week in London and was a genuine, professional and lovely photography to work with, very calm and has a eye for the camera. Despite it raining we both decided to still shoot and both ended up happy with the results. Would recommend having a shoot with a Roy and also thinking of doing another one with this gent.

Recommended for Photography Mar 9, 2020

Roy is extremely professional and creative, highly recommended as a photographer.

Recommended for Photography Feb 24, 2020

I’ve worked with Roy a few days ago and I must say top notch photographer. Very professional, giving good advices on how to pose. Our time together went really fast and I got amazing pictures. I’ll highly recommend him and can’t wait to work with him again!

Recommended for Photography Jan 22, 2020

I had the very great pleasure of working with Roy, making a silent film. He is a terrific art director, camera operator and film editor all in one! Tremendous energy, communicated well, and created an impressive film which I am proud to have been a part of - thanks Roy!

Recommended for Camera Crew Jan 6, 2020

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Had a wonderful experience with Roy. Very professional and easy to work with. Me and my partner got an amazing video and photo material. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Oct 23, 2019

Amazing photographer, really great and easy to work with!

Recommended for Photography Sep 13, 2019

Proffessional, eay to work with, gives you directions and just a lovely person with an outgoing personality

Recommended for Photography Jul 6, 2019

Very professional, not only easy but also fun to work with! Gives great direction and puts models at ease.

Recommended for Photography Jun 17, 2019

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Roy was absolutely superb to work with! I was ecstatic at the chance to work with him and he met my expectations and beyond. Roy is a professional talent with great experience and I just cannot wait to work with him again.....anyone who does wont regret it :) Thanks again Roy your the best!

Recommended for Photography Jun 6, 2019

Really professional, creative and fun tower with :)

Recommended for Photography May 28, 2019

Great working with you. Captured some excellent shots. Look forward to future productions with you.

Recommended for Photography May 21, 2019

Excellent interpersonal skills, very kind.

Recommended for Photography Apr 15, 2019

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This has got to be one of the best photographers I have worked with! Roy is very friendly and makes you feel really great about yourself: boosts your self confidence! He gives direction that suits you making you feel very comfortable! I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again! Thank you Roy!

Recommended for Photography Apr 9, 2019