Susan Ling Young

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New South Wales, Australia


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Susan was very good to work with and extremely professional on set (as one would expect from such an experienced actor). As well as the onscreen role, she also did the voice over for the short film as narrator. This with a completely different character voice' and it really makes the piece. She also went out of her way to record the voice and nailed the tone. She has been very supportive and brings a friendly and focused energy to set. I hope to work with her again in the future.

Recommended for Acting Sep 11, 2020

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A wonderful charismatic Actress that has lots of characters within. Extremely talented woman that was amazing in front of camera while photographing Susan in Studio and outdoors. Came on time for her photographic session and I highly recommend her as an actress. Very talented in all areas especially Comedy.

Recommended for Acting Nov 21, 2019

Great attitude, easy to work with, very professional and enthusiastic!

Recommended for Acting Aug 19, 2019

Susan was very professional to work with and also has a good attitude because she was able to come on board and play the role effectively, at extremely short notice (she was called in suddenly on the day of the shoot) and she was also able to offer many useful suggestions to the Director and Crews on set, to help benefit the purpose of the story and other technical concerns.

Recommended for Acting Feb 11, 2019

Susan was brilliant to work with. She took direction well, was patient with our crew when we took longer to work some scenes out, and is a lovely person to have on set. Her acting ability was terrific and we would certainly recommend her for other projects.

Recommended for Acting Nov 13, 2018

Susan is very professional, highly experienced and a strong performer. She took initiative and had a great understanding of the character which shone in her performance.

Recommended for Acting Oct 25, 2018

Had a great pleasure of acting alongside Susan in a feature film ,Haunted Love'. She created a brilliant character and had all the crew in hysterics every scene. Extremely proffessional ,kind and entertaining. I look forward to working with Susan again :)

Recommended for Acting Aug 13, 2018

Working with Susan was amazing and alot of fun. Susan arrived on my set on time and was a pleasure to work with. She was very professional and completed her scene with such passion and dedication - I have no problem at all recommending this beautiful lady!

Recommended for Acting Aug 13, 2018

We engaged Susan as an actor for medical-themed student training videos. Susan was professional, responds quickly to emails and a pleasure to work with. Susan has over 20 years of experience as a registered nurse and her medical background is very useful in helping us create a more realistic scene. We highly recommend Susan and would work with her in the future.

Recommended for Extras Apr 10, 2018

Very professional and did a great job.

Recommended for Acting Mar 8, 2018

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Susan is fantastic. I've worked with her a number of times. She's committed to finding the heart of a character. She brings a groundedness and a certain fierce integrity to her work.

Recommended for Acting Oct 10, 2017

Susan was cast in the role of a Registered Nurse in the aged care setting for our recent program on Pain and Dementia. Susan was absolutely convincing, memorising lengthy pieces of dialogue which included numerous medical terms. We would definitely like to cast Susan again in the future. Thank you !

Recommended for Acting May 24, 2016

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Susan was wonderful, great performance, professional in every way and an asset to the event.

Recommended for Acting May 7, 2016

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Fantastic to work with! Intelligent, thoughtful and very articulate, highly recommend!

Recommended for Acting Apr 3, 2016

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Susan was an exemplary actor to have on set. Focused, subtle, and delivered the acting goods! No small feat. She's a class act performer.

Recommended for Acting Oct 25, 2015

Susan is a very professional actor, she presented herself very well and was a pleasure to work with. Would definitely work with her again!

Recommended for Acting Sep 29, 2015

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Susan was a pleasure to work with. She is committed, takes direction well and is enthusiastic to learn.

Recommended for Acting Sep 14, 2015

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Professional and fun to be around. Thank you

Recommended for Acting Apr 26, 2015

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Just directed a corporate video with Susan in the lead role - couldn't have been a better fit if we tried. Very professional and has her acting down pat - Highly recommended - Tim Wax Interactive

Recommended for Acting Apr 25, 2015

Susan was very professional and easy to direct.

Recommended for Acting Apr 13, 2015

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