Tomarra W

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Ontario, Canada


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Thank you for your interest in the Raptors Dance Pak. Open Auditions are happening Sat. July 16th. If you would like to pre-register, please email

Recommended for Dancing Jun 27, 2016

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Tammy is an eager, intelligent and beautiful woman. She communicated well when we first connected, was very punctual, and has a personality to match her looks. From the time we set up the photo shoot she was "into the part" and could have set the camera into flames. It was an absolute pleasure to have her involved in our project and I would highly recommend her modelling ability to anyone. Thanks so much Tammy!

Recommended for Modelling Mar 20, 2013

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Recommended for Acting Feb 12, 2018

Recommended for Acting May 14, 2017

Recommended for Acting Jul 31, 2016

Recommended for Magazine Jul 9, 2014

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