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Lancaster, United Kingdom
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TV & Reality

I have been a wildlife presenter and camera operator for over a year and half for live broadcasts by WildEarth, from the world famous Sabi sands in the Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa. I have over 1,500 hours of live broadcast experience educating viewers on the flora and fauna of South Africa. The content can include anything from leopard hunting, a bull elephant in musth approaching the vehicle to releasing a spitting cobra into the bush or discussing the variety of trees and their uses! The live aspect allows viewers to interact and ask questions which I answer on air during the 3 hour broadcasts which occur twice daily.
Interviews with various guests are also part of the broadcasts as well as segments on our specialties.
I have experience with building story lines, scripts, voice over for the various post produced projects for WildEarth including a 3D 13 part series.
2003- I was filmed for a 6 part series called "Wildlife park" aired on a local TV station in the UK. I was working as a zoo keeper at the time and the program followed daily zoo life. I worked with a wide variety of species from across the globe from lemurs, tigers and lions to rhino, bears and the largest collection of marsupials outside of Australia.

Film & Stage Crew

I have been stage manager and producer for various stage productions for Newcastle University Theater Soc.
I am part of a small crew who broadcast live wildlife safari's over the internet for WildEarth. I swap roles each day and become either presenter, director or operate the camera for the broadcast.


Photography experience

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I am an amateur photography with a passion for wildlife! Some of my work is on this website: http://www.redbubble.com/people/tj99

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