Tayla Thomas

Tayla Thomas

Victoria, Australia


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It was such a pleasure to meet and work with Tayla. Versatile, professional and fun. I look forward to working with her again.

Recommended for Modelling Jan 31, 2020

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Tayla performed at our festival and was amazing on stage and to work with.

Recommended for Singing Nov 20, 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Tayla on a sustainability film shoot last year, She was full of energy and showed a great deal of enthusiasm and professionalism on the shoot. Such a lovely girl to work with.

Recommended for Acting Feb 13, 2015

She will make you laugh and cry and change your life, a very good actress, model and singer.

Recommended for Acting Dec 17, 2014

Tayla is a joy to work with and is passionate and enthusiastic about her roles. She want to contribute in any way she can to make the production go smoothly and take off.

Recommended for Acting Dec 14, 2014

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Tayla was an absolute pleasure to work with. Bubbly, energetic personality enabled her to adapt quickly to a new environment and work with the camera well. Takes direction well, and is very professional in front of a camera. Would highly recommend.

Recommended for Modelling Nov 30, 2014

StarNow Verified

A beautiful and very talented singer and actor, I had the pleasure of working with Tayla on new musical "Shining Armour" and she effortlessly brought her character to life.

Recommended for Acting May 23, 2014

Tayla is just unique! Graceful, beautiful and highly accomplished. It was a great opportunity to work together!

Recommended for Acting May 15, 2014

Recommended for Acting Feb 24, 2018