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London, United Kingdom
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Voice Over Reel 2022

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Physical Attributes

185 cm / 6ft 1in
83 kg / 182 lbs
White / Caucasian
104 cm / 41 in
Skin color:
83 cm / 33 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Workplace Anxiety: Fortemus Films (Andrew Greener) : Played an anxious employee being interviewed by a therapist as well as numerous B-roll scenes ‘at work’ for context.
  • LNER Coming Home for Christmas: Chris Whitmore Associates (CWA) : Christmas advert for London North Eastern Rail, playing a passenger returning home for Christmas
  • LongBay Slippers: Global Fire Creative : Commercial acting and stills modelling in a father role for a slippers brand.
  • UK-based Chinese Crypto Bank: Amy Wang Productions : Stills modelling and video acting for a financial brand - for use exclusively in China
  • Public Health England - Vaccinations: Raygun London : Played a teacher in a public information film on the benefits of receiving the Covid-19 Vaccination.
  • Stapleton Tyres: Pocket Creatives (Lauren Hodge) : Acted alongside Football Manager Harry Redknapp for a tyre commercial with a sentimental, family theme.
  • Army School of Recruitment: Dramatic Productions : Role Play for the British Army recruitment process on site at the barracks
  • Must Have Ideas: In-house film crew : Stills Photography and Video footage demonstrating a number of Christmas products within a family setting.
  • Gazeal: M.J. Diamond : Played an Estate Agent in a series of comedy commercials for a property law service provider.
  • Qaimow: Blend Studios : Foot model (and hand model) for a shoe brand. Mainly walking in the footwear but also an ‘unboxing’ scene featuring hands
  • Off! Reuben and Jamie : Played a father alongside my niece who played my daughter in a commercial for a bug repellant brand.
  • U-Pro: Tinker Taylor : Commercial Role for a trade supplies company as “U-Pro Man” who bursts out of a toolbox to save the day.
  • Travis Perkins: Justin Doherty : Internal corporate training film for staff of Travis Perkins Builder’s Merchant.
  • Night Searcher: Millstream Productions (Ben Cloud) : Presenter for a series of informational films for a high-power industrial floodlight brand.
  • iPhone 12 for BT Business: Sideshow Ltd : Model for iPhone 12 stills in numerous commercial scenarios.
  • Novellera Band Saws: Online TV Group (Peter Middleton) : Presenter for an infomercial on industrial band saws.
  • Once Upon a Woodland: Masha Unwerth : Groom Model for a styled bridal shoot
  • Panasonic: Shutterstock Custom : Model using electronic goods for a styled living room shoot
  • Domino Clamps: NE Productions (Neil Evans) : Presenter and product demonstrator in a series of instructional films for the containerisation industry.
  • Security Training: Dreaming Fish Productions : Played a business traveller in a series of high-risk security threat scenarios.
  • MyDOQ: Wow Your Crowd (Adam Laurie) : Husband role in a kickstarter film for a phone-charging 'smart plug socket'
  • London Business School: Peritus Executive Education Services : Green screen acting role for films to be used within educational seminars.
  • SES Corporate: Ekstasy : Sports fan role filmed in a studio environment for stills and slow motion video.
  • OPUK Group: Saxon Partners (Richard Harwood) : Husband role for an accountancy commercial on recovering overpaid tax.
  • Arun Estates: Finally (Steve Howard) : Played a smug, arrogant and overly enthusiastic Estate Agent in a corporate promo.
  • Long and Winding Road: FirstCar : Played a cocaine user in an anti-drug campaign.
  • Brain Brew Whisky: Drop Studio (Luis Garcia) : Improvised testimonial-style commercial for a whisky brand.
  • Combat Ships: Woodcut Media : Played French General Mast in a dramatic reconstruction of a meeting with Amercian officials in Algeria.
  • Cisco: The Keep : Role of employee using communications software for an internal corporate film.
  • Badoo - Honest First: Wall of Comedy : Played the part of 'man on a first date' in a promotional film for a popular dating app.
  • GasWay: Brief Media (Martin Watters) : Husband role in a central heating commercial.
  • Clear Channel: Itch Media : Man drinking beer' for an internal corporate on the benefits of digital advertising displays.
  • Smartr365: The Viral Agency : Mortgage Advisor role in a commercial for an app that saves time on administration.
  • Boris App: Jackson Davis : Played a fireproofing installer in a video for an app that monitors workforce performance.
  • Whirlpool: iSiteTV (James Morgan) : Model/Actor for a number of kitchen appliance installation videos.
  • Rattan Garden Furniture: Ideal World (Phil Berridge) : Model for an outdoor furniture brand. Lifestyle stills and video.
  • Psychometric Testing Films: Sightline Media (Keith Thomas) : Actor in a corporate scene for a series of psychometric testing films.
  • Nomura: MediaZoo (Nadine Allen) : Played an employee of an investment bank in a number of data breach scenarios.
  • De La Rue: Sweet TV (James Dyke) : Played a concerned employee in a corporate film on ethical company practices.
  • Mattress Next Day: Wagon Films (Carlton Walls) : Testimonial actor in a TV commercial for a mattress brand.
  • Deloitte: Brands at Work : Office worker role in a corporate video filmed in numerous commercial environments.
  • Carlauren Group: Information TV (Kiaron Finnegan) : Played a tailor and resident visitor in a series of films for a care home and holiday resort company.
  • WightLink: Spark Media (Danny Gwynne) : Dad and husband role in a commercial for WightLink, the leading Isle of Wight ferry company.
  • World's Most Evil Killers: Woodcut Media : Lead role of serial Killer Mark Hobson in a series of dramatic reconstruction scenarios for Sky Discovery.
  • Aldermore: TVC Group (Luc Edwards) : Playing the part of David the Wealth Manager and investment specialist for a bank.
  • Evening Standard: MG Productions : Modelling job in the guise of a city worker/commuter for a publishing company's corporate web site.
  • No!No! Ideal World : Live TV modelling, product demonstration and guest presenting for a TV shopping channel.
  • Vodafone: We Are Social : Dad/Husband Role in a series of short, online, commercial spots for Vodafone.
  • Not3s - Just Fine: Partisan : Featured Butler role in a music video
  • The Health and Safety Group: Online TV Group (Peter Middleton) : Presenter for a half an hour long building site safety DVD, shot primarily on a building site. Mainly auto cue, but some scripted lines for walking and talking scenes.
  • Philips: BlondeFish : Dentist role for a digital greeting screen viewed by attendees of an exhibition in Berlin.
  • Green Motion: Pinpoint Media (Freddy Raistrick) : Played a husband and father in an online commercial for a car rental company
  • Budweiser: Lucky Generals : Played the role of an art gallery visitor in a commercial for Budweiser
  • Soccerborg: Superhero (Tom Williams) : Father role in a commercial for a childrens' robotic football game.
  • Her Majesty's Prison Service : Eight month role play position for Her Majesty's Prison Service recruitment department.
  • Don't Tell Mum: Frontline Productions (Olivia Corrie) : Father role in a safety awareness film for the construction industry.
  • Adzuna: 90 Seconds : Played an undervalued employee in the lead role for this office-based commercial.
  • RNLI Fish Supper: Grant Squibb : Dinner Party Guest in a promotional photo shoot for the RNLI Fish Supper campaign.
  • EE Printed Media: John Adrian : Modelling shoot for EE printed media in the guise of a man waiting for a train
  • The Last Leg: Open Mic Productions : Played a Footman, riding a horse-drawn carriage into the studio.
  • UNILAD Barbecue: UNILAD : Disappointed barbecue guest necking a last remaining pint for a viral video
  • FA Women's Football: Wing London : Played a Father encouraging his daughter to watch the British Women's Football Team
  • Software Testing: Matinee Sound and Vision : Voice role, to assist with the effectiveness of mobile phone voice activation software
  • A Close Call: Frontline Communications (Olivia Corrie) : Played an HGV depot manager for a site safety awareness video
  • Cyber Crime Corporate: Vivida (Simeon Quarrie) : Played a professional hacker in a corporate short filmed in full 360
  • NHS Maternity Screening: Line Out Media : Husband role for an informative video on NHS Health Screening options during pregnancy.
  • The Butcher Surgeon: Channel 5 : Played an anaesthetist in a dramatic reconstruction about criminal surgeon Ian Paterson
  • The Manners: Super Alpha Ltd : Played Mr. Miles, a school teacher in a feature-length kids film.
  • The Last Leg: Open Mic Productions : Featured live TV role as a Brexit Party-goer
  • HSBC - First Love: Dirty Films : Played an office worker in a number of scenarios including the meeting room, staff canteen and gym.
  • Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board: Cleanfeed Media. Adam Bruh/Henry Glaister : Hand model for a number of recipe videos promoting how to prepare and cook British Beef and Lamb.
  • Her Majesty's Prison Service : Four month role play position for the prison service recruitment department.
  • Deliveroo: La Familia London : Played a late-night office worker in a group of three colleagues enjoying their food delivery.
  • Medical Role Play: SimPatiCo : Patient simulation exercise for the OSCE Final Examinations
  • The Old Bailey: Channel 5 : Dramatic reconstruction. Played Barry George, who was wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of Jill Dando.
  • Birthday Promo: Ideal World (Matt Simpson) : Played a husband in this Shopping Channel's 6th Birthday Commercial, 'interacting' with CGI animations.
  • Medical Role Play: SimPatiCo : Patient simulation exercise for the Licence in Dental Surgery Examinations.
  • Simple Hero - Ven Group: Met Film (Sam Ainsworth) : Played a senior executive-turned insane person fighting and photocopying the head of a colleague.
  • Fix Radio: WiseBuddah : Played a builder in a 'behind the scenes' shoot, and sang for the actual recording of a 'jingle' for this trade-specific radio station.
  • Architect-style Corporate Shoot: Rino Pucci Fine Art Portraits : Modelled as a typical architect-type, for a range of head shot examples.
  • Supermarket Test Shoot: Wolff Olins (John Adrian) : Modelled in numerous lifestyle scenarios with kitchenware and soft furnishings.
  • Stroke Association: Nutmeg Productions (Harry Chambers) : Played a dinner guest assisting a stroke victim using the F.A.S.T. approach to identification.
  • Hitler's Inner Circle: World Media Rights : Played an SS Officer leading a team of Nazi staff on an escape from Hitler's bunker following his suicide.
  • Dating Gurus: Penninsula Films Ltd : Dating Expert on this reality TV series offering guidance to a man in need of help, via his ear piece and six hidden cameras.
  • Firescape Global: Tristar Products UK (Hasfa Abubacker) : Played a home cook commenting on kitchen fire safety issues in an interview-style shoot with acted out cutaways
  • Shark Vac: Shark Ninja (Stuart Clayton) : Infomercial Shoot for a vacuum cleaner brand
  • BirdsEye: Recipe : Played an excitable builder in a commercial for social media use.
  • M Thorne Consulting: Fides Media (Michael Wadley) : Played an interviewee in an informative company video for an HR consultancy.
  • Britain's Deadliest Lovers: Crackit Productions : Played an interrogating detective in a murder case reconstruction.
  • Space Systems: Wagon Films (Carlton Walls) : Infomercial shoot for vacuum-sealed clothing storage bags.
  • o2 Business: Beast Enterprises Ltd (Shaun Nickless) : Commercial Shoot involving improvised lines and improvised acting as a bird watcher and Elvis fan.
  • M25 Documentary: The Garden Productions : Contributor for an informative documentary about use of the M25 motorway over the August Bank Holiday weekend.
  • Ideal World - Christmas Promo: Ideal World (Phil Berridge) : Played a father and family fam in a number of festive scenarios for the Ideal World Christmas promotional film.
  • So Sure: Last Village (Matt Cooper) : Played the role of 'best mate' in a commercial for an insurance company, filmed in the style of a 'viral video'
  • First 4 Adoption: ADK Solutions : Played a father in a mockumentary-style commercial for an adoption agency
  • This Morning: ITV Studios : Impersonated the voice over of Big Brother - Marcus Bentley - in a fun segment on famous voices.
  • Besty PaintMate : Potion Mixtures Productions : Product demonstrator/presenter in a commercial for a new DIY brand.
  • Taxi Show (working title) : Keshet Productions UK : Contributor/personality for a reality TV format filmed within a London taxi.
  • West Coast - Accessory Showcase : Fides Media (Michael Wadley) : Co-presenter in a series of eight short films, showcasing computing accessories from varied suppliers.
  • Tradesman Documentary Pilot : Voltage TV (Nelesh Dhand) : Contributor for a pilot documentary on tradesmen in the home and the topics surrounding this.
  • Prose - Home of the Brave: Full Fat Films (Tom Gorst) : Played a father/husband neglecting a child in a music video for Virgin-EMI.
  • Trust A Trader: The JMS Group (Luke Whitcomb) : Acted in four individual sponsorship bumpers for Trust A Trader. Used seasonally on ITV Weather (East Anglia)
  • Nuffield - All in Hand (Alan Palmer) : Played the central role of 'Chris', a city banker on his 'Nuffield journey' to successfully completing a 50k cycle race.
  • Eat All You Can: TwoFour : Contributor on a prime time documentary about 'eat-all-you-can' restaurants.
  • Aqualisa Smart Showers: Studio Hansa : Voiceover on a radio commercial for the Aqualisa smart shower.
  • Spencer Hart Documentary: Fearlessly Frank (Richard Crayton) : Modelled a number of high-end suits and played a customer in a documentary about the Savile Row tailor, Spencer Hart.
  • Ideal World Modelling : Live TV model for the Pearl hair removal system.
  • Chicken Cottage: Resolution Television (Robin Hind) : Played a dad in this commercial modelling assignment for a fast food chain.
  • Japanese Art Documentary: Tele-Search : Body art modelling for a documentary to be broadcast in Japan.
  • Ideal World, Easter Promo (Phil Berridge) : Played a father and family man in a number of placed product scenarios for the Ideal World Easter commercial.
  • Thorpe Park Hotel: Holiday Extras (Dan Arthur) : Played a father in a family video/photo shoot for the Thorpe Shark Hotel
  • West Coast: Fides Media (Michael Wadley) : Played a reseller in this internal corporate shoot
  • Dr. Beckman, "Six Stains of Christmas": Tailwind Media (Marcus Thomas) : : Played a father in this comedic, 6-part commercial series for a popular stain removal range
  • City Cruises: Justin Pumfrey : Modelling shoot as a father/husband in numerous dining/river cruising scenarios.
  • Seafret, Wildfire: Burning Reel Productions (Mike Heath) : Played one half of a couple in an experimental/psychological music video.
  • Meem: Splash Worldwide (Mark Rossiter) : : Vox pops street shoot involving close-up magic for a mobile data cable commerical.
  • David Lloyd: Somersault Productions Ltd : Acted in a welcome video for this brand new health club in numerous settings from the gym to the cafe
  • TradeWorx: Inzenka (Adam Vaughn) : Played a plumber for this in-house corporate video, promoting a new digital product.
  • Experian: Form Advertising (Matt Edwards) : : Commercial modelling shoot in numerous lifestyle scenarios
  • A Pensioners' Guide to Britain: Rumpus Media : : Contributor for a dating documentary comparing traditional dating methods to modern, app-based alternatives.
  • Ringers: RDF Television (Hillary O' Hare) : : Contributor on a new dating show format filmed at various London locations
  • Medical Role Play: SimPatiCo: : Acted in a series of medicat examinations for junior Doctors at the UCL Bloomsbury campus
  • DoubleTree by Hilton: Imagine Eye (Neil Horne) : : Commercial model for the Hilton wedding brochure. Locations included the hotel and a luxury speed boat
  • Tricks of The Trade: Fever and Things (Hugo Sieiro) : : Played the lead role in this award-winning fantasy short, for the London 48-hour film challenge.
  • Alien Integration: Tele-Search. : Played an Alien adapting to life in London at various locations across the West End
  • Cisco Live: George P. Johnson (Ben Wellington) : Played a delegate in a marketing video for a major networking event for IT professionals
  • RSVP Media Response : Corporate stills shoot. Modelled as a manager in an office environment for promotional/media use.
  • Vibe 107.6 Radio Broadcast : Vibe 107.6 Studio, Watford: Two hour radio broadcast discussing the topic of dating and dating apps, with listener interaction and advice via text and phone-in
  • The Secret World of Tinder : Rize USA (Becky Lomax) : Heavily featured contributor in a documentary about Dating Apps.
  • Humble Pie : RDF Television. Contestant on a new cooking show format.
  • Colgate Stills : Media Bounty (Louise King) : Modelled a toothbrush in a number of casual scenarios for a Colgate stills campaign.
  • Go Chef: Grill and Press : John Mills Ltd (Harriet Hudson) : Demonstrating the use of this domestic grill for an infomercial on the JML TV channel
  • Irwin Mitchell : Pinpoint UK (Oliver Bruce) : Played a lawyer advising a troubled client on HR matters with lots of improvisation required.
  • Kimberly Clark : Quarantine Productions. Dan Bidmead: Played the part of a facilities manager in this corporate shoot, filmed in multiple locations within an office environment.
  • Southern Charm : The University of Westminster (Danielle Sims) : Acted in a southern (USA) accent as a 'fake cowboy' in this comedy sketch for a commercial competition.
  • The Last Leg : Open Mic Productions: Acted in a comedy sketch as a Vladimir Putin enthusiast!
  • Renovation Challenge : Property TV. John Hammond: Contributing presenter on a property renovation TV show. Produced ahead of the channel launch of Property TV.
  • Stand By Your Man. ITV Studios : Contributor on a prime time reality dating show
  • Derailed. Bournemouth University Media School. (Sam Getliffe) : Played a news reader in this political drama, combining both acting and presenting skills simultaneously. Auto cue as well as rehearsed lines for an interview sequence.
  • P1 Powerboat Grand Prix of the Sea. Greenlight Television. (Jules Gravestock) : Presented a link to camera at the Bournemouth beach 'Grand Prix of the Sea' as a semi finalist in the 'Take 1' competition to discover new presenting talent.
  • Paws Up. Bournemouth University Media School. (Ellie Chandler) : Presented a canine documentary as the main host, mixing auto cue with improvisation and interviewing an in-studio guest.
  • Connecting Wiltshire. Diva Creative : Modelling assignment for public information about cycling in Wiltshire, including cycling in varied areas of the county.
  • Do You Want To Know a Secret. Solent University Media School. (Leo Rytina) : Played a businessman on a bench who is put in a tense situation and randomly handed a bomb detonator.
  • Paperboy : Bournemouth University Media School. (Sam Getliffe). Played the part of a father reconnecting with his son in this 8-minute short film.
  • The Lounge: TV Bedfordshire : (Toby Eager). Co-Presented a brand new magazine show for regional TV channel TV Bedfordshire, interviewing a mixed array of guests and commenting on a number of topical and seasonal items.
  • British Council: Language Films : Cloud One Television (Beth Parkes). Acting out everyday scenarios to be used in conjunction with educational films on the proper use of the English Language.
  • These Arms of Mine : Bournemouth University Media School. Played the lead in a music video for the Otis Redding song, "These Arms of Mine".
  • Made in Dagenham: Reconstruction : University of Greenwich Media School. Played the part of Albert in a scene deconstruction from the feature film Made in Dagenham.
  • How I Ate Your Mother : The Boom Shadows. Played a Zombie in this short film, as part of a 48-hour film making competition.
  • DIY Fails : IWC Media. Contributor for this comical documentary on DIY short cuts and mistakes.
  • The Alan Titchmarsh Show : Spungold Productions. Contacted by the production to return to this show. This time via a video link as a contributor for a health segment.
  • Ryobi Power Tools : JSP Images. Modelling shoot demonstrating the several features of a power drill for use on the product packaging.
  • Wiltshire Public Transport commercial shoot : Modelled in numerous scenarios for a public transport shoot, including train stations, public walkways, bus stops and park and ride sites.
  • BBC South Today Weather Forecast : Weather presenting run-through at the BBC South Today broadcasting stage at The New Forest Show.
  • The Rise of The Nazi Party. World Media Rights : Played a 1940s doctor administering morphine, as well as a Nazi waiter and an army general.
  • Simply Be: Autumn/Winter collection. Commercials Unlimited : Played a bar goer and bus passenger in this commercial.
  • The Anomaly. Unstoppable Entertainment : Played an armed, uniformed, futuristic NYPD officer in a raid scene.
  • Fred Dineage: Murder Casebook. Talent TV South : Played the leading role of convicted murderer James Hanratty in a dramatic reconstruction, driving a 1956 Morris Minor and simulating murder.
  • TBA. Zodiak Media : Contributor in a pilot TV format working along side high profile media talent.
  • Ladbrokes 'Oddsfather' Commercial. Sapient Nitro : Played a 'robot' in the 'odds factory'/futuristic office environment for a TV commercial.
  • Harvey's Dream. Bournemouth University Media School : Speaking Role: Played a drunk, after a hit and run car accident, which it is implied caused the death of a neighbourhood girl.
  • John West Commercial (development project). Bournemouth University Media School : Played an 'awkward fisherman' in two individual commercial scenarios.
  • The Unknown Heart. Gate UK Television : Played a Junior Surgeon receiving a patient into theatre within a flashback sequence.
  • The Chrissy B Show : In studio guest on live TV show, discussing mens' fashions and modelling clothing.
  • SuperTim. Bournemouth University Media School : Speaking Role: Played a drunk and aggressive diner in a restaurant scene involving moderate violence.
  • How Not To Get Old. Twenty Twenty Productions : Contributor in a factual series with Anna Richardson, detailing ways to combat the ageing process.
  • Girlfri3nds. Studio Lambert : Contestant on the 2nd series of this popular reality/dating show
  • Talking to the Dead. Bonafide Films : Played a paramedic, driving an ambulance at speed, wheeling a patient on a stretcher and assisting medically at the scene.
  • 404. Hourglass Productions : Sci-Fi scene. Pub drinker. Made to gradually disappear (green screen special effect)
  • The Rise of the Nazi Party. World Media Rights : Played a uniformed Nazi in a 1930's scene at a meeting with Hitler
  • The Tunnel. Sky Atlantic. Kudos Productions : Played a plain clothes detective, as well as a French protester on set of Calais Police HQ
  • Southampton FC Hospitality Brochure : Modelled as a diner in the hospitality suite for a corporate brochure
  • Foltene TV Commercial. Tristar Productions : Acted in a commercial for Foltene hair products
  • The Alan Titchmarsh Show. ITV. Spungold Productions : Modelled jeans in the Myleene Klass fashion segment
  • Broadmoor. Crime and Investigation Channel. Talent South : Played a psychiatric patient from the 1960s in a dramatic reconstruction for a documentary
  • Let's Fly. TV Peru. DM Productions : Part-presented a documentary on the path to becoming a pilot
  • On the Menu magazine : Modelled as a restaurant-goer in an editorial feature
  • The Tunnel. Sky Atlantic. Kudos Productions : Played a night club goer, ordering drinks at a bar and dancing
  • The Alan Titchmarsh Show. ITV. Spungold Productions : Appeared in a Valentine's Day segment and carried out floristry
  • Frankie Fraser's Last Stand. Crime and Investigation Channel. Talent South : Played gangland boss Charlie Richardson in a dramatic reconstruction.
  • The Alan Titchmarsh Show. ITV. Spungold Productions : Modelled support wear for men in the Myleene Klass fashion segment
  • (TBA) Channel 4. Optomen. : Ten part reality TV show
  • Broadchurch. ITV. Kudos Productions : Played a Police officer in a driving role, in which I assisted David Tennant's character to break into a caravan.
  • Dinner Date. ITV. Hattrick Productions : Contestant - and winner - on reality dating/cooking show Dinner Date


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA Southern

My acting decade-long acting career has been largely commercial, which is something I pride myself on. I genuinely enjoy the variety, fun and new faces I meet on these ever-changing commercial shoots. I have worked on advertising campaigns for all manner of products and services for TV, online, social media and digital displays. I am also an established corporate role player, having literally years of experience for HM Prison, The Metropolitan Police, The British Army and within the medical field. Of course, I have done plenty of dramatic acting too, with appearances in numerous docu-dramas on TV and have even won awards for acting in short films.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

I am an established commercial model, hand model and foot/leg model. For over ten years I have been actively involved in countless campaigns, working with all manner of brands. My portfolio spans everything from ecommerce shoots for social media to modelling for high end Savile Row tailors. I have also been heavily involved in live TV modelling on morning TV and shopping channels.


Photography experience

Full-time professional (paid work)

Photography website

I am one of the UK's leading actor headshot photographers. Shooting across the whole UK on a weekly basis, I have worked extensively as a headshot photographer for many years. I have taken headshots for thousands of actors and genuinely enjoy seeing them get booked for roles as a result of my photographs. Being a former actor myself, I know both sides of the industry, which helps me to understand just what actors require from a headshot. I realise the competitive nature of the job and how important it is to get the 'right' photograph. I also appreciate the financial implications of being a performer and strive to offer genuine value for money and client satisfaction.


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous paid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA Southern

I am well-established in all presenting styles and techniques, with over 10 years experience. I regularly use autocue and have presented in all manner of environments, ranging from green screen studios to on-location presenting. I have worked as both a fully scripted and entirely adlib presenter, co-presented and even presented whilst driving cars and industrial machinery. The formats that I’ve presented on span from fully commercial right through to entertainment. I have hosted magazine shows on regional TV channels, property shows and done ample product demonstrations. I've also presented on shopping channels and even guest presented as TV dating expert!
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