Tom Grice

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Worcester, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

177 cm / 5ft 10in
64 kg / 140 lbs
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
Eye color:
Hair color:
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Credits & experience

  • 'Peter Bird : Drawing the Light' Outdoor fashion shoot : Role: Model
  • 'Salvani Studios' : Outdoor fashion shoot, Role: Model
  • 'Faction of Farce' Webseries : "What's the score?" Role - News reporter Clive
  • 'Faction of Farce' Webseries : "Meanwhile in the 1990s" Role - Chad
  • 'Ev's Photography' : Portfolio shoot, role: Model
  • Gooseberry : Two men, both helpless with women, make a right gooseberry of themselves in this short comedy film by Sixteen Productions. Role: Extra
  • The University of Winchester : Graduated with Upper Second Class Honours in Performing Arts Contemporary performance
  • The Great Escapade : Devised performance. Four convict clowns perform prison break from the theatre. Role – Convict. Style: Commedia Dell’arte, Clowning
  • The Live Book : Devised, improvised performance by Tom Grice. A character, becomes the writer, writes live and makes the audience perform before being ‘unwritten’, Role – The character
  • Sink : Original performance in Cuckoo Creative’s writer’s festival. A comedy pairing, of polar-opposite character, is trapped on an existential boat surrounded by imaginary water. Role – Character Two
  • The University of Winchester Acting Society : Leader and Director of the Performing Arts Winchester Sub-society, 'Lets Act'
  • Terrogation : Original performance by Tom Grice. A mystified citizen is taken prisoner and suffers an emotional breakdown in a dystopian future, after violent interrogation, he loses all hope of freedom. Role – Interrogator & Tormentor
  • William Shakespeare's The Tempest : Performed outdoors by Foot in the Door Theatre. A Storm conjured by Prospero brings his enemies from the safety of their ship to his island of exile, with the aim of reconciliation. Role – Ariel
  • Nightmare : Original performance by Cuckoo Creative. A horrific three-part play travelling through what comes to be three terrifying nightmares, each ending in tragedy. Role – Officer Thompson. Style: Surrealism
  • Sword fighting Society : Advanced Sword fighting instructor (unqualified); Short sword, Longsword and Dual Wielding
  • Live with the Poet : Devised and improvised by Tom Grice. A performance poet uses a projector to write poetry live. Speaking only through verbal or written poetry, the audience are his inspiration. Role - The Poet
  • Strings : An original poetical monologue by Tom Grice. A homeless busker with a roughed up suit, regales to the audience through heartfelt prose of how he lost the love of his life and his spirit for music after being stood up for the last time. Role – The Busker
  • Beauty within the Beast : Original devised performed by Tom Grice and Company. A curious outsider attempts study of a pack of wolf-like humans, only to be isolated, imprisoned and emotionally destroyed along with his research. Role – The curious outsider
  • Eyes on the Front : Original performance poetry by Tom Grice. A soldier’s journey from home to the front line of World War One is emotionally depicted, ending in the mournful loss of his brother. Role – family member. Style: Physical theatre
  • Shaun of the Dead'mas : Original comedy by Tom Grice. Shaun and Ed wake up to a world of Christmas elves coming back from the dead, in the University of Winchester’s very own Student Union. For the second time, going to ‘The Winchester’ was a terrible idea. Role – The Director
  • Bouncers : A devised adaptation by Tom Grice and company. This multi-rolling play boils down to nights at the club for these questionable bouncers, ladies on a night out and men on the lash. Role – Ralph
  • The Crucible : A devised adaptation by Tom Grice and company. Arthur Miller’s classic, written as a parallel to the McCarthy trials centers around the Salem witch trials. Role – Reverend Hale
  • Dick Whittington and his Cat : As performed by The Pepper Pot Players theatre company. Dick Whittington goes on a quest for fortune, adventure and discovery with his cat in this well-known pantomime. Role – Idle George
  • The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, musical : As performed by The Pepper Pot Players theatre company. Adrian Mole’s life is a horrendously unlucky one, but through it all he must find who he is, what he wants and what the hell is going on to him. Role – Barry Kent
  • Murder Mystery Actor : : Large audience events performed by leading UK travelling theatre company, Murder Incorporated. Role – live murder victim of three events.
  • Thermonuclear War : An original, chance collision performance by Tom Grice. A game host presents a dice game to the audience. By picking up the dice, they chose to replay modern history. Can they avoid human destruction? The answer is no, upset and shouting will follow.
  • Cristaken : Original comedy by Tom Grice. A mock -Liam Neeson finds himself within a Christmas parody of ‘Taken’, where in fact, along with the worlds Christmas presents, his daughter’s karaoke machine has been stolen. Role – Karaoke Machine Salesmen
  • Oliver : As performed by Hanley Castle High School. This sad yet heart lifting tale follows the unfortunate life of Oliver Twist, from workhouse, to Fagin’s family of thieves and finally to his the discovery of his real family. Role – Mr Sowerberry
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame : As performed by The Pepper Pots theatre company. This particular pantomime focused on the Hunchback’s acceptance into society and his journey through haunted France with his new found friends. Role - Chorus
  • Blood Brothers : A devised adaptation by Tom Grice and company. This short adaptation focused on the immediate parallels of the childhoods and adult lives of Edward, Mickey, and Linda. Role – Mickey
  • Blue Remembered Hills : A devised adaptation by Tom Grice and company. This tragic tale follows some playful children in the home of a nation at war. With their own agendas and politics between themselves, it ends in death and upset. Role – John
  • StageStruck Part-Deux : An original comedy sketch show devised and performed by The Pepper Pot Players theatre Company. Roles – The Master (Doctor Who), Ron Weasley (Harry Potter) and Lead Singer of The Time Warp
  • Pirates of Penzance : As performed by Hanley Castle High School. This musical follows the collision of a rich law abiding family and a crew of pirates, who after a lot of trouble turn out to be nobles. Role – Pirate Chorus
  • The Jungle Book : As performed by Hanley Castle High School. This play musically followed the adventure that is Mowgli’s time in the jungle and the friends he made along the way. Role – Old Monkey
  • The Sound of Music : As performed by Hanley Castle High School. This musical follows the adventures of Maria, a woman full of music and zest that comes by a family who have all but lost their spirit. Role – Soldier
  • Joseph : As performed by Hanley Castle High School. This musical follows the life of Joseph. Thrown out by his scheming brothers who vie for attention, he first becomes a slave, but rises to that of pharaoh. Role – Chorus


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

  • English

  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA New York
  • German
  • Russian

As an adventurous soul Tom has found himself in a multitude of different types of performances and roles, which has made him the performer he is today. From providing Sword Fighting Instruction, to directing a University acting society, to original plays (as performed by Foot in the Door Theatre, and Cuckoo Creative), classics such as The Tempest (Role, Ariel) and musicals - Tom is a versatile and fearless performer, always looking to further and challenge himself.

With abilities in Singing, free-style and routine dance, acting, the abstract, combat, physical theatre, contemporary performance (As trained by The University of Winchester), comedy and clowning, and other styles - Tom is certainly a multi-faceted asset to any company or production.

Confident in public relations and speaking, Tom is a well mannered, well learned and a poetic individual, creative and imaginative. Whilst able to devise performance, and improvise material, above all else he is dedicated, trustworthy and spirited, always providing his very best work.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

I have recently begun modelling, I have present and future bookings and I am looking for further work. Shoots in which I have been involved in are listed below :

* Portfolio shoot with 'Ev's Photography' (2016) Role - Model (
*Outdoor fashion shoot with 'Salvani Studios' (2016) Role - Model (
*Outdoor fashion shoot with Peter Bird, 'Drawing the light' (2016) Role - Model


Vocal ability

Lead singer

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