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Finding the best social media platforms for influencers and performers can feel overwhelming, so try to view them as a collection of tools that can be brought together as part of a unified social media strategy. Putting yourself in this practical mindset is a great way to avoid the stresses that can accompany the pursuit of online fame. Just as importantly, it brings focus to how each platform can lend a hand. 

Each of these platforms should help you on that journey. 




X (formerly called Twitter) currently boasts an estimated 237.8 million users, and people who find you on other platforms are likely to seek out your X account for further links and information. It might not be your main platform, but you should consider X a great all-rounder that can be used to showcase content from other platforms and amplify your reach. It’s also more well-rounded than other platforms when you check out its demographics, with six out of every ten users being between 25 and 49.

There are limitless opportunities for building connections by reacting and responding, and X’s 280 character cap prompts punchy missives that can put your personality on the map. Even huge brands such as Netflix, McDonalds, and Pop-Tarts have managed to feel relatable by keeping things informal and embracing X’s younger audience. 

For the best results, you should:

  • Choose a voice: X is the place to keep it casual and portray yourself as a person as much as a professional. Craft a bio that reflects your personality and adopt a writing style that aligns with your online personait always helps to speak as you would to a friend. You want to be instantly relatable and recognisable. 
  • Focus on engagement: It’s easy to fixate on followers, but X’s true value lies in engagement. Even smaller influencers can attract partnerships when they possess a highly engaged audience. That means regularly interacting with your audience by posing questions, responding to comments, and using calls-to-action (CTAs) that ask users to mention or reshare your content.
  • Find your niche: X might offer big numbers, but most influencers thrive by specialising within a very specific niche, then expanding slowly from there. Start by building your profile and engagements around a niche in which you have plenty of in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience. 


InstagramFor many, “influencer” equals “Instagram.” That goes for influencers themselves, with 59% reporting it as the most effective way to engage with target audiences. It’s also notable that 65% of top-performing Instagram posts include products, which places it among the top social media platforms for influencers looking to directly profit from sponsorships.

While Instagram doesn’t have the largest user base, it does have one of the most active. Inherently visual, images and shorter videos can create immediate interest, while captions offer further information and facilitate connections. As with other social media platforms, the audience skews young. Nearly 85% of the audience is under 45, and it’s the preferred option for users aged between 16 and 34. 

Given the focus on visuals, Instagram has launched the careers of several prominent models, including Anok Yai, Yoon Young Bae, Lameka Fox, Nadia Rahmat, and Elizabeth Jane Bishop. Lifestyle influencers have also found a home on Insta, with figures such as Huda Kattan achieving popularity in the beauty industry and Kayla Itsines becoming a leader among fitness influencers. 

While pictures and videos are the most common form of content, Instagram success can be best assured by taking full advantage of everything it offers. Such options include:

  • Instagram Stories: Short-form content that disappears after 24 hours and makes for easy engagement through direct messaging. 
  • Instagram Reels: Vertical video content placed on a separate tab that can be effective in reaching new audiences.
  • Instagram Live: Highly interactive live streams that provide an avenue for direct and highly personal interactions with your target audience.


YouTubeWith 122 million+ daily active users watching over a billion hours of video each day, YouTube is a video-sharing juggernaut. Allowing videos up to 12 hours long, it’s the ideal place for long-form content that lets you go into detail on anything from beauty routines to movie reviews. If your content seems too long for Instagram, YouTube is usually the place for it. The site is especially popular among younger users, with 95% of Gen Z using it, but it maintains a wide audience across older demographics as well. 

Classic success stories include PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles, and MrBeast, who each established huge and far-reaching audiences as YouTubers. YouTube has also launched careers outside the world of social media. Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber are two superstar singers who got their start by uploading videos to YouTube. Meanwhile, names such as Anna Akana, Bo Burnham, and Dylan O'Brien have successfully transitioned to traditional acting roles. 

As a YouTube  influencer, you should: 

  • Show, Not Tell: YouTube is the world’s stage. Instead of setting out credentials, you can show exactly what makes you stand out. Actors can create web series’. Vocalists can share their singing. Models can provide beauty tips and product reviews. Pick an overriding theme, and remain consistent. 
  • Integrate Products: Advertising used to be a YouTuber’s main moneymaker, but times have changed. The video format lends itself perfectly to product reviews, sponsorship deals, and promotions, with many shoppers claiming to use such videos to make purchasing decisions.
  • Use the Right Equipment: A good microphone, DSLR camera, and soft light source can lend your first YouTube foray a professional tone, as can spending time learning how to use a decent video editing platform.


LinkedInWhile YouTube, Twitter, and Insta focus on audience, LinkedIn is among the best social media platforms for influencers looking to make industry connections. 

Exposure-wise, LinkedIn prioritises quality over quantity by exposing you to the people most likely to take interest. As expected, it also offers a relatively mature audience. There might be 520 million users aged 25 to 34, but there are also 170 million aged 35 to 54, and 23 million who are 55 or older.

While talking business on other social media platforms is something  of a no-no, business is LinkedIn’s bread and butter. This makes it perfect for:

  • Networking: Followers, groups, and connections give LinkedIn users the opportunity to form valuable relationships across their trade. 
  • Visibility: LinkedIn ranks high on search engine results – a polished LinkedIn profile is one of the first things people will see after Googling you.  
  • Industry News: LinkedIn is home to credible opinions, so consider it one of the most reliable sources of industry news and views. 
  • Collaboration: Influencer marketing might seem like more of an Instagram affair, but businesses are increasingly looking for curated content. 

Your to-do list should include:

  • Optimising Your Headline: 110 available characters beneath your name let you use relevant keywords to tell people exactly what you’re about. 
  • Using Hashtags: Following hashtags such as #womeninacting or #influencermarketing can keep you abreast of the latest news, while adding hashtags to your own posts can increase your reach. 
  • Using LinkedIn Groups: Participation here allows for swift influence upgrades and lets you message other members even if you aren’t already connected. 


Hootsuite logo

Hootsuite could seem like an unnecessary tool for those wondering how to become an influencer – in fact, it may be entirely unfamiliar.. However, Hootsuite can be invaluable as an all-in-one management tool. 

Hootsuite connects with all the top social media platforms for influencers to transform social media activity into one organised and efficient social media strategy. 

You can:

  • Monitor and Analyse: View multiple platforms in one place instead of visiting individual websites, then use analytics to evaluate and adjust your strategy. By knowing which campaigns drive the most clicks, sales, and follows, you can optimise each post and refine your social media ROI. 
  • Build a Schedule: Create and schedule content in advance across all platforms to stay organised and develop a consistent output. 
  • Manage Your Reputation: Reacting to positive and negative engagements is a vital part of curating your image. Hootsuite Streams monitor keywords, hashtags, and mentions, allowing you to sit back and discover what people are saying about your brand, industry, and competitors. 
  • Build an Influencer Media Kit: A media kit highlights your value to potential partners. Using Hootsuite’s tools and stats simplifies this process and puts all relevant data at your fingertips.

Further improvements to your social media game are available through Hootsuite’s diverse range of social media influencer guide pages, resources, and certification courses. These are industry-recognised certifications, so they can help you stand out from competitors, instil confidence, and bolster your own knowledge and expertise.

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