Striking the Perfect Pose: Top Tips for Emerging Models

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The world of modelling demands more than just standing around throwing smizes and longing gazes at the camera. Nailing perfect poses for a photo shoot is a challenging art in itself, regardless of your chosen modelling niche. Whether you’re standing tall or sitting pretty, you can benefit from our guide, which details the essential poses every aspiring model should master to leave their mark in front of the lens.


Basic Model Posing Tips

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It’s All in the Details: Paying attention to small details can elevate or break a shot. Learn how to pose your hands naturally, accentuate your jawline, elongate your neck, and perfect your smize with focused eyes and a closed-lip smile. 

Posture Is Crucial: Maintain a straight back and project confidence by keeping your chest out. Learn how to pose yourself from head to toe and create a tautness in your body that’s controlled and engaging. Even for poses that require you to hunch over, lead them with intention rather than floppiness.

Take Your Time: While movement is essential, slowing down is equally vital. Dedicate time to each shot and pose to ensure your images don’t feel rushed or haphazard.

Dance Through It: Feeling stiff? Put on your favorite playlist, dance it out, and watch as your poses become more dynamic and natural. This will also help you from reaching for the same types of poses over and over.

Fulfill the Brief: Before stepping in front of the camera, make sure you understand what is being asked of you and what the goal of the campaign or ad is. That knowledge will help guide how you pose your body.

Trust the Photographer: Follow the photographer’s guidance, even if it feels unfamiliar. They understand what looks good on camera and what they’re aiming for in the final result, so trust their expertise. If guidance is lacking, seek clarification.

Practice Makes Perfect: Continually refine your posing skills through practice sessions, photo shoots, and studying modelling shows. Use resources like online tutorials and apps such as Pocket Poser to further enhance your capabilities.

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Standing Model Poses

Model pose


1. The Three-Quarter Turn

Place one foot behind the other, turning your hips slightly away from the camera. This iconic pose combines the elements of a front shot and side profile, bringing together the best of both worlds.

2. The Assured Stride

Showcase your versatility by capturing movement with a walking pose. Walking towards the camera adds an element of energy to photos.

3. The Power Pose

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, hands on hips, and shoulders back. This pose exudes confidence and authority. Decide where to set your gaze (e.g., direct, dropped, lifted, or set off-camera) and whether to angle your body towards or away from the lens. 

4. The Twirl

Spin around while maintaining eye contact with the camera. This playful pose is perfect for showcasing movement and personality.

5. The Statuesque Silhouette

Stand tall with one foot in front of the other. This pose elongates your body for a poised appearance.

6. The Kick

Add a playful touch by incorporating your legs a bit more. This movement has the potential to inject personality and energy into your shots.

7. The Lean

Leaning slightly backward can make for an otherworldly effect. This pose works well for high-fashion shoots or shoots where the creative team is looking to create a sense of the unexpected.

8. Playing With Jewelry

This is a classic red-carpet pose you can take into your photo shoots. If you’re wearing rings or bracelets, situate your hands at your middle and touch or toy with your jewelry. It will accentuate your waist while also appearing natural.

Sitting Model Poses

Models posing

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1. Crossed Legs

Embrace a casual and carefree vibe by crossing your legs, whether on the floor, couch, or chair.

2. Casual Lounge

Sit back with one leg stretched out and the other bent, creating a relaxed yet engaging pose.

3. Leaning Back, Legs Crossed

Strike a natural chair pose with crossed legs, gazing off-camera for added poise.

4. Cross-Legged Lean

Combine a crossed-leg pose with a slight lean to convey a relaxed yet poised demeanor.

5. One Leg Up

Bend one leg on a chair or stool, holding your ankle for a thoughtful pose that adds a touch of elegance.

6. Leaning Against a Wall

Sit on the floor, lean back, and gaze at the camera for intensity or to the side for a contemplative shot.