Breaking Into the Lingerie Modelling Scene: A Comprehensive Q&A

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If you’ve ever pondered the ins and outs of becoming a lingerie model, you’ll want to read this guide, which reveals the essential steps and insights for adults aspiring to break into the industry. Here we explore the path to a successful lingerie modelling career, from understanding the essentials of becoming a lingerie model to practical tips on securing legitimate opportunities.


What is a lingerie model?

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Lingerie models, predominantly female-presenting individuals, are sought after for campaigns featuring bras and undergarments. From high-profile runway events like Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty shows to featuring in brand commercials and product packaging, lingerie models play a crucial role in the fashion industry. Brands such as Skims, Rosie by Autograph, Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, Cosabella, Eberjey, and H&M are just a few dominating the sector.

What qualities are essential for lingerie modelling?

Beyond the physical demands of diet and fitness, models must understand their unique attributes and angles. Advocating for oneself, setting boundaries, and ensuring safety on set are integral aspects of a lingerie model’s skill set.

How can one start a career in lingerie modelling?

Begin your career in lingerie modelling by studying lingerie model shoots, learning how the industry works, and identifying agencies or companies that align with your goals. Proactivity is key: Join online lingerie-modelling groups, build connections with peers and photographers, and leverage social media to showcase your portfolio and skills. Seeking out local agents specialised in lingerie modelling can also kick-start your career.

What are the requirements for lingerie models?

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Physical presence is paramount in lingerie modelling, but traditional size constraints have evolved. While higher-end clients may still prefer models at least 5 feet, 8 inches tall with a 34C bra size, the body-positivity movement has increased demand for diverse shapes and sizes. Because requirements vary by client, communication with agents or your main point of contact before a shoot is crucial to ensure familiarity with the project and other models involved.

What earnings can one expect as a lingerie model?

Earnings for lingerie models vary, with agencies typically charging additional fees for lingerie jobs. In the UK, models can earn £2,300 and above per month depending on their portfolio, client, and day rate. The world’s highest-paid models, like Gisele Bündchen and Kendall Jenner, highlight the lucrative potential in the industry, earning millions annually from brand contracts.

Is it necessary to live in major modelling markets like London or Sydney?

If you want to pursue lingerie modelling full-time and work for the world’s biggest campaigns, residing in major modelling markets like London or Sydney may be advantageous. However, lingerie shoots often take place in studios, making it feasible for models in smaller markets to secure work.

Is having an agent necessary for lingerie models?

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Though models can find work independently, having an agent, especially for beginners, offers numerous benefits. Agents negotiate fees, ensure the legitimacy of projects, advocate for you, and connect you with top-tier clientele.

How can a lingerie model find an agent?

Discovering the right agent involves online searches and seeking recommendations from trusted connections. Most agencies provide submission forms on their websites, requiring digital shots and contact details. A tight shot, a full-body photo, and physical stats, along with social media links, are commonly requested.

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Without an agent, how can lingerie models be sure the photographer and client are legit?

Research is crucial before any shoot. Check for reviews, contact previous clients listed by photographers, and seek feedback from acquaintances who may have worked with them. Put your safety first, and if anything feels off or too good to be true, trust your instincts.

How can models feel comfortable and confident during a lingerie shoot?

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Preparation is your best defense against feeling self-conscious on set. Understanding the brief, as well as knowing how to put your best foot forward and nail your poses, will do wonders for your confidence. Additionally, embracing your body, practicing healthy habits, and prioritising mental well-being through self-care will go a long way in feeling good in one’s skin while on set.

In conclusion, breaking into lingerie modelling involves a combination of self-education, proactivity, and dedication. By following these steps, aspiring models can navigate the exciting and competitive world of lingerie modelling with confidence and style.